9 Questions With Linda Meredith

BY Milli Midwood / Mar 20 2018 / 15:47 PM

The skincare brand behind the world’s most iconic complexions, from Kate Moss to Queen Rania, launches in Dubai

9 Questions With Linda Meredith

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia: How did you get into skincare?
Linda Meredith: My interest in beauty began around the age of 14 when my parents sent me to a modelling school one evening a week. We learnt how to apply make-up and look after our skin, along with how to wear and accessorize clothes. I then started a Saturday job working in the beauty section of a department store before moving to Estee Lauder and then Faberge. My flair for make-up led to me opening the Linda Meredith School of Make-up. Eventually I opened my own beauty salon in Knightsbridge focusing on what lay beneath the make-up: the skin.

HBA: You have quite the celebrity clientele. Who was the first celeb you ever worked with?
LM: My first International client in Knightsbridge, London was Madonna. I was called to her house before her wedding and from there I invited her into my salon, where we were the first in the industry to launch the oxygen treatment.


HBA: What is the most popular Linda Meredith facial amongst the A-listers?
LM: Celebrities love my non-invasive alternative to Botox, the V-Tox. It was designed for those who don’t want to have toxins injected into their skin, and works by using algae derivatives to relax the skin. First we carry out the Standard Oxygen treatment and subsequently us the V-Tox cream to specific areas that need to be treated. It works to relax the skin and de-stress the muscle wrinkled areas.

V-Tox cream, Dhs620 at Emirates Palace Spa

HBA: What made you decide to expand into the UAE?
LM: We have a huge following from the GCC and have daily visits to our Knightsbridge salon from women in the regional, so it was a natural progression. We partnered with Dubai-based distribution brand ENER Beauty and have launched our products in Emirates Palace Spa, Abu Dhabi. We’re also launching in Palazzo Versace Dubai and Address Downtown Dubai soon.

HBA: Why do you think your products will do well here?
LM: The Linda Meredith range is all water-based, which is great for the GCC because of the climate. Water-based products allow high quality ingredients to be absorbed into the skin very easily, which will work well in humid conditions.

HBA: What should women in the Middle East be doing more of when it comes to skincare?
LM: Their cleansing routine! I have lots of clients from the GCC who wear heavy make-up but are not cleaning their skin properly at the end of the day. I actually recommend to anyone who wears make-up to undertake a double cleansing routine.

HBA: If you could only use one product from your range for the rest of your life, which would it be?
LM: My vitamin repair balm called Amazon. It feeds, nourishes and hydrates my skin from the inside out. It also works as an anti-ageing balm, due to the high vitamin C levels.

Amazon balm

HBA: Who are your beauty muses?
LM: Women who were the pioneers of the beauty industry, so Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein. My beauty icon would be women from the back and white Hollywood era, like Rita Hayworth.

Rita Hayworth in in February 1948


HBA: What is the best beauty lesson you’ve ever been taught?
LM: Treat your skin with respect – just give it at least 10 minutes of care a day!

Linda Meredith is available at Emirates Palace Spa and enerbeauty.com