TFK's Sheikh Majed Al Sabah On The Perfect Eid Fragrance

BY Samantha Hamilton Rushforth / Jun 12 2017 / 16:41 PM

And how to avoid picking the wrong scent this season

TFK's Sheikh Majed Al Sabah On The Perfect Eid Fragrance

Kuwaiti fashion and beauty force Sheikh Majed Al Sabah has always been a pioneer in the world of luxury retail. Founding Villa Moda, one of the region's most iconic department stores while he was in his twenties, the entrepreneur then went on to create TFK in 2012, turning his passion for high-end fragrances into an international business. Bazaar picks the brain of one of the Middle East's most accomplished perfumers below... 

Sheikh Majed Al Sabah

Sheikh Majed Al Sabah

Harper's Bazaar Arabia: You’ve been an entrepreneur since a very young age, what are some of the most important life and business lessons you’ve learned in the last five years?

Sheikh Majed Al Sabah: "The most important lessons I've learned are to keep the support of your family and friends, take risks, and have a lot of patience."

HBA: What’s your personal view on the relationship between fashion and fragrance?

SMAS: "There is always a connection between fashion and fragrance, we wear both on our bodies. They combine each other to evoke emotions and complete a specific look."

HBA: How does fragrance define a person’s style in your opinion?

SMAS: "Dressing well can no doubt boost confidence, we all feel better if we're looking sharp and elegant, wearing a fragrance can definitely enhance that feeling." 

HBA: What’s the biggest mistake men and women make when it comes to choosing a scent?

SMAS: "The biggest mistake is deciding on your scent using only a fragrance card, like the ones they hand out at department stores. It is always vital to try the scent on your skin and smell the chemistry."

HBA: This region has a rich history with scent, how far back do your memories of perfume go?

SMAS: "My memories of perfumery go way back when I was a teenager, with my grandmother. She was a pure perfumer. She goes with her senses and her nose. I watched her closely blending oils and started to make my own."

HBA: What fragrances are you personally wearing this month?

SMAS: "TFK Arab Spring and the The Finest Everyday."

The Fragrance Kitchen

Arab Spring Everyday & The Finest by TFK, both Dhs1,105

HBA: How often do you switch up your scent choices?

SMAS: "Quite often depending on my mood, or sometimes just according to the places I visit."

HBA: When creating a new perfume, who’s opinion do you ask on the formula?

SMAS: "I actually work completely alone. I mix the oils and raw ingredients then take the final scent and have the chemists in Grasse determine the composition."

HBA: What are some of the most popular notes in the Middle East?

SMAS: "They have to be Oud, Patchouli, Rose, Bergamot."

HBA: What fragrance would you recommend as the perfect Eid present this season?

SMAS: "TFK Arab Spring Everyday."

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