The 5 Best Face Masks to Moisturise, Brighten, Smooth & Hydrate Skin

BY Hana Barhoush Dalloul / Dec 30 2018 / 03:59 AM

Who needs 8 hours sleep when you have these?

The 5 Best Face Masks to Moisturise, Brighten, Smooth & Hydrate Skin

Facial masks are the beauty must-haves of the moment. With new technologies and formulations, results are immediate and noticeable. From rubber masks to cream masks to sheet masks, the choices are endless so we’ve rounded up a few of our top picks to help you look smoother, brighter and fresher. 

Dr. Jart Shake & Shot Rubber Soothing Mask
This Korean brand recently launched a collection of rubber masks to address different skin concerns. We love the Shake & Shot Rubber Smoothing Mask because it calms and repairs the complexion. Soothing vitamin K3 and a botanical complex nourishes and hydrates sensitive skin. Just shake and apply! 

Dr Jart Shake & Shot

Dhs, 48, Sephora

Origins Clear Improvement
This charcoal mask has been around for years because it really gets the job done. The bamboo charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out toxins from pores, while the other active ingredients absorb environmental toxins and dissolve impurities. Skin looks and feels clean and clear. 

Origins Clear Improvement

Dhs125, Sephora

StarSkin Lifting Lace Sculpting V-Shape Compression Mask
This luxurious lace mask is made out of breathable, stretchable cotton fibers to ensure it fits tightly on face and skin. It visually sculpts and reshapes dull, sagging skin for a more defined v-line. Infused with a cocktail of anti-aging and natural extracts, this mask envelopes your face in luxurious lace - a truly instagramable moment!

Starskin Sculpting V Face Mask

Dhs50, Sephora

Rodial Vit C Energising Face Mask
Kiss dull skin goodbye with this rejuvenating bio cellulose mask. The masks are made of a special fabric that act like a second skin so they make sure all active ingredients are in direct contact with your skin. Infused with a cocktail of vitamin C, vitamin B3, hylauronic acid and green tea, this mask helps to retexturise, illuminate, reduce the appearance of fine lines and boost luminosity and radiance. Perfect before a special night out!

Rodial Vit C Brightening Mask

Dhs341.25, Bloomingdale's

Sephora Hydrating & Quenching Gel Mask
This gel mask is great for all skin. It instantly hydrates in only five minutes. Infused with marine ingredients and hyaluronic acid this mask can moisturise even the driest of skin. The creamy texture transforms into water when applied resulting in softer, smoother and plumper skin.

Sephora Gel Mask Hydrating & Quenching

Dhs79, Sephora