The Difference Between Vegan And Organic Beauty Explained

BY Sonam Basantani / Aug 21 2019 / 12:22 PM

BAZAAR looks beyond the label...

The Difference Between Vegan And Organic Beauty Explained
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Are vegan and organic beauty the same? Surely is just means they're all cruelty-free, natural and clean - right? Wrong. BAZAAR's beauty expert Sonam Basantani expalins all...


What vegan beauty means is that the products don’t necessarily come from a natural origin. Products labeled 'vegan' can contain artificial or synthetic ingredients but not any animal derivatives like milk and honey.

If you’re looking to introduce vegan brands to your beauty arsenal, make sure you keep an eye out for certification.


As for organic beauty, the products must be grown and prepared without synthetic ingredients like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, parabens, synthetic dyes, artificial fragrance and growth hormones.

Organic brands, like Herbivore Botanicals, Tata Harper and Grown Alchemist for example, are regulated by an institution that certifies them. However, if a product contains a miniscule amount of organic components – brands can still categorise and label them as ‘Organic’.

What’s noteworthy is that water, salt and clay can not be classified as organic so it’s worth checking for certification logos and ingredients list to be assured.

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