The Fringe Is Back As The Hottest Hairstyle Of The Summer

BY Naomi Chadderton / Jun 5 2019 / 16:25 PM

As beauty insiders predict the back-to-basics fringe to be the style of the summer, we speak to the experts to find out how to make Hollywood’s hottest new ‘do work for you…

The Fringe Is Back As The Hottest Hairstyle Of The Summer

From whispy bangs to a full-on fringe, the most youthful hair trend is back on the scene this season, with industry insiders at celeb-fave salon Trevor Sorbie dubbing the must-have look as the ‘French Girl Fringe’. Referencing Jane Birkin, this haircut is all about delicacy and is perfect for those looking to move away from the wide heavy fringes people struggle to maintain and grow out.

Thinking of going for the chop? Serena Daye, Senior Stylist at Trevor Sorbie Dubai Mall, gives us her top tips to ensure you perfect the look every time…

1. Make sure you talk to your stylist first about what kind of fringe would work with your hair and face shape. For example, I tend to avoid cutting in full heavy fringes on a client with really petite features and a small forehead. 

2. Keep on top of your fringe trims. I encourage all of my clients to come back to me in between haircuts for fringe trims. Having a fringe can definitely add more maintenance in terms of salon visits. However, it’s a quick 15 minute appointment just to dust off any ends, which can really refresh the whole look!

3. Be brave, and when you can, be creative. Fringes can really add an edge to a haircut. I’m a huge fan of textured, messy fringes. Also, on the right person, a micro fringe can really enhance someone’s whole look. If you’re brave and it suits you, you really can play around with fringe lengths.

4. Don’t over style it! Let it dry in as much of a natural fall as possible. I always begin by wrap drying a fringe. Allow for some natural movement and texture. 

5. Take into account your natural hairline pattern. Certain growth patterns can make it really difficult for a fringe to sit correctly or determine what side you can brush it across to. All of this your stylist will be able to guide you to the most suitable style for you.

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