This Huda Brainwave Is The Answer To Our Summer Skin Woes

BY Michaela Williams / Aug 27 2018 / 19:03 PM

Is ‘mewy’ your perfect complexion finish?

This Huda Brainwave Is The Answer To Our Summer Skin Woes

Feel like you're losing the battle against unblottable shine, with illuminating make-up that slides off before midday? Huda Kattan has nailed an incredibly similar way to get your glow on without turning into an oil slick. A little matte, a little dewy, the 'mewy' look is all about controlling excess oil with a clever base, without dehydrating skin, for a naturally fresh as a daisy complexion.

The Huda Beauty mogul introduced her second primer in July, but it’s only now that we’ve discovered just how perfect the budge-proof formula is for lasting out the summertime. Designed to keep your base in place, the Matte Perfection Pre-Makeup Base controls oil production without dehydrating the skin.

Mewy Huda

Taking inspiration from her milk of magnesium beauty hack, the formula combines calcium, magnesium and potassium to add a minerals-charged boost to the skin. The result is a complexion that’s completely devoid of oily shine, with a natural glowy radiance. “I am so obsessed with the mewy look right now, when your skin’s looking dewy AF in all the right places and perfectly mattified in others,” says Huda. Ditto here.