Tried And Tested: The HydraCool Facial

BY Rula Tayara / Jul 24 2016 / 17:43 PM

The revolutionary facial that promises to rejuvenate skin

Tried And Tested: The HydraCool Facial
Courtesy of Isabelle Bellis

Given the current temperature average is around the 45 degrees Celsius mark, and our skin is feeling drier than the desert that surrounds us, we'd say it's high time for something a little refreshing. Enter the HydraCool facial, a revolutionary new facial available exclusively at Sisters Beauty Lounge, The Dubai Mall. 
HydraCool is a new multifunctional skincare experience for your face that uses the ultra-hydrating power of water. After a brief assessment by our facialist, the treatment began with a refreshing, no-mess, water spray and massage, and our skin felt instantly hydrated. Then, using a non-invasive ultrasound tip, the facialist gave our entire face a pain-free skin scrub, which was followed by a light-as-air masque. 
The cutting edge technique that sets this facial apart from others is the high-speed water jet and spray, which ensure that water and oxygen penetrate beyond the top layer of skin to properly revitalise it’s natural elasticity. Additionally, each facial is tailor-made to your skin type, meaning you'll get exactly what your skin needs most. 
The results? Our skin felt infinitely softer and healthier, it looked rejuvenated and we had a Victoria's Secret-worthy glow happening for more than a few days afterwards. 
This is summer beauty at its coolest (literally).
The HydraCool facial is Dhs500-550 and  is available at Sisters Beauty Lounge at The Dubai Mall and selected branches, in partnership with Medica Group. Call +971 4 339 8500 for more information