3 Ways To Combat Hair Loss

By Janvi Thanki / Jan 2 2019 / 17:22 PM

An expert shares her top tips and products to combat our biggest beauty nightmare

3 Ways To Combat Hair Loss
Txema Yeste

Climate change, stress, ageing, and pollution are just some of the many reasons we're met with a few too many strands of hair in our Tangle Teezers every morning. But, like most problems, we've found a solution. Anivagene, the haircare brand dedicated to strengthening roots, preventing thinning and creating long-lasting results finally launched in the UAE, and we caught up with the beauty brand’s hair loss expert, Maria Igglezou, who shares the dos and don'ts when fighting this problem.

1. Ensure a balanced diet...

"Combat the issue from the inside out - literally. Hair loss can start with your diet - or lack thereof, in many cases. Be sure you're getting plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals; what you eat can have a huge effect on your hair, so maintaining a balanced diet will help to keep locks healthy."

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2. Avoid over styling 

"Give your hair a break from straighteners, curling tongues and hair dryers – using heated styling tools on your hair everyday will cause damage and even breakage of your hair over time. Try reducing the amount of heat used on your hair or invest in a good heat protecting product."

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3.  Use the targeted hair growth products

"Use products targeted at restoring hair growth and invest in a range that has been scientifically proved to manage hair loss is a way to restore your hair’s health and protect from further damage."

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