What Are Zit Stickers And Why We're Obsessed With Them

BY Danae Mercer / Sep 16 2019 / 17:58 PM

Make your pimples pretty

What Are Zit Stickers And Why We're Obsessed With Them

Pimples are having a moment.

Model and body positivity activist Charli Howard’s has just launched Squish Beauty, which offers cutesy pimple patches that make your bumps more blinged than before.

Stick on some of the flower-shaped acne patches to soak up fluid from whiteheads in a non-toxic environment. These pastel-colored stickies are also vegan, environmentally friendly (thanks to the crystals in the middle being made from glass, not ocean-destroying plastic), and come in biodegradable packaging.

If you prefer to wear your heart on your sleeve — or on your face — Truly Organic’s heart shaped acne patches are perfect. These come with hydrocolloid, which draws out all the grimy liquid of a spot.

Another new launch, Starface, gives you a chance to create constellations on your face with dainty star-shaped pimple patches. The patch includes hydrophilic gel to help the zit die quickly. As an added perk, they come in an cute little yellow case.

Spots have never been so selfie-ready.