Here's Why Lash Lifts Are Way Better Than Extensions

BY Sara Tardiff / Nov 19 2018 / 02:46 AM

We put the treatment to the test so you don't have to...although you *definitely* should

Here's Why Lash Lifts Are Way Better Than Extensions
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If you've tried every "volume-boosting" mascara on the planet, worn your lash curler down to its last curl, or maybe gave bold lips or eyeshadow a try just to distract from your lacklustre lashes...Welcome to the #StraightLashesClub. Not the most desirable group to be in, but let's practice some gratitude and make do with what we've got! If all that experimenting with beauty products hasn't really paid off, there's a treatment that's been rising in popularity the last few years, and for a very good reason.

Cue: The Lash Lift, AKA your new secret weapon for looking like a Bratz Doll with those luxuriously long painted-on lashes. After making an appointment at the one-stop beauty shop in Dubai, BROWZ, I have officially switched over to the Lash Lift Team. What with them being relatively low maintenance and leaving you with results so stunning you'll never stop taking pictures of yourself (#facts), consider me decidedly anti-extensions for reasons you'll hear more about below.

Here's everything you need to know about the game-changing treatment.

Lashes v. Extensions

-Extensions last 3-4 weeks, while a lift can last 6-8 weeks.

-A lift does just that: lifts your natural lashes. Extensions require using strong glue to attach fake lashes.

-If you like that fuller lash look, extensions are for you. If you prefer going more natural, a lash lift is the way to go.

-You need to refill your extensions at about three weeks before they start falling off. Lash lifts don't require a refill, and people often get a lift between extensions to give their lashes a break and grow back in.

-The process of getting extensions can take up to two hours. A lash lift takes about 45 minutes.

The Treatment

-The whole thing only takes 45 minutes, during which you can't open your eyes and can 100% take a nap. Or ask millions of questions about the process like I did.

-The treatment involves lifting, curling, and tinting your lashes.

-Immediately afterward your lashes will look slightly wet and won't fully fan out until the following day.

-After 24 hours you can wash them, put on mascara, even use strip lashes if you want!

-No need to get a touch-up as your lashes will simply return to their normal state after about 6-8 weeks, after which you can get another treatment whenever is convenient for you.

Watch one of their lash lift experts explain the treatment and answer a few questions:

The Results

Super natural-looking and gently curled, a lash lift will have people assuming you were born with the most stunning lashes. And they really do last for almost two months which, for the value, is quite impressive. 

Book a lash lift at BROWZ for Dhs390.

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