How To Pick The Right Hair Colour For Your Skintone

BY Stephanie Carmona Fagundes / Feb 5 2020 / 15:23 PM

Jennifer Aniston's go-to colourist, Michael Canalé, shares his top tips for selecting the perfect hair colour to complement your complexion

How To Pick The Right Hair Colour For Your Skintone
Getty Images; @mrchrismcmillan

Choosing the right colour for your hair can often be quite challenging. Afterall, you cannot really see the final effect until the change has been made and then it might alreadybe too late. Let's face it, your hair colour can make or break your overall look which is why BAZAAR has enlisted hairdresser to the stars, Michael Canalé, to share his top tips for selecting a colour that enhances and complements the colouring you were blessed with.

Considering that Canalé has been the mastermind behind Jennifer Aniston's flawless locks since her Rachel days, we could think of no better authority to share exactly what it takes to finding the hair colour that's perfect for you. 

1 | Find out your skin’s undertone

To begin, he always recommends figuring out our undertone by checking our vein’s colour. “Look under your wrist, closer to the palm of your hand, and you will see your vein colour”.
Cool toned people usually tend to have blue veins, while warm toned ones are more prone to greenish veins.

2 | Choose the colour that best goes with your tone…or eyes colour

Winter or summer colours usually tend to go with cooler toned people, while mid-season colours typical from Spring or Autumn, usually look good on warmer toned ones.

A darker brown with extremely natural highlights is an option for Winter colours, while blondish hues with ashy Scandinavian highlights, and sandy tones always go well with Summer ones.

For the warmer tones, brown hues are always a success. “Autumns are usually more red tones – auburn browns to brighter reds”, while “Spring ones usually are golden toned browns”. Michael also advices warmer toned blondes to tend into a strawberry blonde to get a more natural look.

However, Michael advices that sometimes the skin’s trick doesn’t always work, as many people use spray tans nowadays, so he always double checks the eyes’ colour. “Gold and brown eyes like golden highlights”, while “blue and hazel eyes like cool toned highlights”.

These steps and tips have never failed to Michael, and if you don’t believe it just check Jennifer Aniston’s incredibly natural hair colour. He’s the artist behind her gorgeous signature blonde.

So, next time you visit your hair saloon just keep in handy these incredible tips!