A New Study Has Revealed The Best Time To Exercise

BY Maddison Glendinning / Nov 17 2016 / 18:12 PM

And it's not in the morning

A New Study Has Revealed The Best Time To Exercise

Everyone has their own preferred time of day to exercise - whether it be the morning to kick start your day, a quick lunchtime sweat session or of an evening to end the day with an endorphins surge. Now, according to a new study, scientists have determined the optimum time of day. 

Early evenings are the best time to exercise, according to science. Purewow reports that this is the case because your body has had the day to warm up, meaning you're less injury-prone than in the early morning, and it can respond in a more efficient way to changes in landscape along the way. Your metabolism has also had the day to kick into gear, meaning you're more likely to lose weight and that your body will continue to burn calories throughout the night. 

Motivating yourself to go out and exercise after a day's work might be a challenge, but the pros far outweigh the cons in this scenario. Plus, it gives you the mornings off...