5 Workout Classes To Try When You're In London

BY Maryanne Haggas / Aug 7 2017 / 18:49 PM

Heading to the UK this summer? Sweat away the jet-lag with a hardcore workout class in the UK capital

5 Workout Classes To Try When You're In London
Balancing balls with Frame, London

Psycle: Inspired by the hugely popular Soul Cycle in America, Psycle opened its doors in London to the same positive spirit, with an aim to motivate people to lead a more vibrant, happy and energetic life, an ethos we truly believe they have established amongst their ‘family’ over the last few years. Ensuring each ride is much more than a workout; our 45-minute session with Pscyle was challenging yet fun in equal measures. Based on the ‘Rhyme Ride’ phenomenon, once the lights go down and the lasers start, you’re told to get ready to ‘bounce to the beat’, clap your hands (a task we assure you is not that easy whilst riding a bike) and move weights, all whilst cycling on and off the saddle. Available in both 45 and 90-minute slots, it’s not for the faint-hearted, but if you are anything like me, the music and team spirit will carry you through. If that’s not enough motivation, there is always Pyscle’s new Energy Kitchen smoothie bar, packed full of specialty superfoods and supplements that will enhance your health and fuel your day. Psycle has also partnered with some of the healthiest brands in London to bring a range of cold pressed juices, fermented tonics and grab-and-go food.

In June 2017 Psycle opened its third studio on Whitby Street in Shoreditch, home to a 44-bike spin studio. Classes start from 95 AED. For more information, visit https://psyclelondon.com

E-Pulsive: No time to exercise? No problem! With the arrival of E-Pulsive, a workout has never been so quick or effective. Perfect for those of you living a fast paced life, E-pulsive uses 20 minute EMS workouts (which equate to 3 hours in the gym) to tackle key issues including body fat, strength, joint pains and skin tightness. Standing for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, EMS is not necessarily a session you will all enjoy. In fact the sensation is strange to start off with, producing similar feelings to those like electric shots being sent down your body. However, after the initial shock, you can really feel these motions working every muscle in your body (99% engagement to be accurate), making us believe their tag line - that guests can see results after four sessions. High-intensity yet low-impact, the team recommends EMS once a week mixed with one or two conventional training sessions to see optimum results. A personal trainer leads the sessions with studios in Canary Wharf, South Kensington and Knightsbridge. They also offer home visits.

Classes start from 190 AED with first sessions free for all first timers. For more information, visit www.e-pulsive.co.uk

Frame:  With five studios across London, Frame is quickly becoming renowned for its refreshing attitude to fitness, quirky studios and innovative work-outs, all delivered with tongue-in-cheek humour from owners Pip Black and Joan Murphy. A place to move, sweat and fuel your frame daily, the feel-good, energetic and fun-filled classes include high-intensity sessions such as Dance Cardio, Frame Rave and Frame Lift, one of their signature classes, as well as zen options including  Anti-desk Yoga, Pilates and more. Farewell boring treadmill and tedious weight sessions - all of the classes at Frame have been developed on workouts and sequences that the owners loved themselves and had fun creating. The ‘drop in’ and pay-as-you-go Frame Card model means that anyone can rock up at a time that suits whatever their job, lifestyle or plans, and the varied timetable over several studios means you can always find a class to suit your mood. The gym has studios in Shoreditch, Kings Cross, Victoria & Queens Park and offers over 1,000 classes per week.

Classes start from 45 AED per person. For more information please visit moveyourframe.com

Heartcore London: Founded in 2007 by Jess Schuring, a former Beverly Hills personal trainer, Heartcore was created to develop a fun, effective, and functional workout - a gym that does exactly what it says on the tin. There are now four locations throughout London: Kensington, Notting Hill, Hampstead, and Chelsea, all with motivating instructors. Personal attention to each student and a challenge for every fitness level - from ballet-inspired barre workouts to reformer pilates sessions, the classes mix conditioning work with subtle strength training, resulting in tight bums and strong guns. 

Classes start from 130 AED and your first class is free. For more information, visit heartcore.co.uk

Paola’s Body Barre: Paola's BodyBarre offers exciting and innovative training methods to suit everyone at all levels. Including BodyBarre, HIIT, Circuit Training, TRX, Boxing, Pilates and Yoga, Paola di Lanzo, the founder, moved to London in 1998 from Australia to work as a personal trainer. After having her first child, she discovered the benefits of Pilates and from there, wanted to create a workout that was fast paced and energetic, drawing elements from the various classes she had taught over the years. Make sure you try the PBB Signature, a class that gets deeper into muscles, working them hard enough to result in a tight, chiselled body. After just three or four sessions, you can expect lean limbs, amazing posture and a very strong core.

Classes start from 135 AED. For more information, please visit paolasbodybarre.com