Dubai's Newest Personal Training Studio Is Anything But Predictable

BY Maddison Glendinning / Sep 8 2016 / 20:01 PM

iCan PT is here to shake things up

Dubai's Newest Personal Training Studio Is Anything But Predictable
Terry Richardson

Located in a quiet business tower in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, iCan PT's entrance is unassuming. However, as soon as the door to the personal training studio opens, it's clear that this is a place that means business.
When Bazaar visited, we were greeted by one of the lead trainers, George Murray, who promptly sat us down and talked us through the studio's concept, all whilst we enjoyed a pleasant green juice.
The lowdown? iCan PT originated in the UK, and has been around since 2005. Since opening its doors in the affluent suburb of Alderley Edge, followed by another studio in Wilmslow, iCan has been the go-to studio for many of Britain's celebrities, sports stars and social set. Dubai is the business's first location outside of the UK, and it's not hard to see why they chose the city, given the booming health and wellness industry in the region (and the fitness-conscious inhabitants that live within the city's perimeter). Its aim is to provide clients with the knowledge they need to make a positive lifestyle shift - their model is not one built on crazy fad diets or excessive workouts, but rather a measured (and realistic) approach to nutrition and exercise. 
George is one of seven trainers that work in the studio, and explains that to us that each trainer schedules clients in accordance with each other to ensure the five-star studio never feels cramped or busy, adding to its exclusive vibe. 
State of the art equipment is dotted around the sleek studio space, including a TRX machine and the same stationary bikes that the London Olympics team train on. So, you know, no pressure. 
Over the course of an hour, George well and truly puts us through our paces and we're sweating and shaking after just 10 minutes in. He's thorough, and encouraging, without leaving us feeling as though we're being yelled at by a drill sergeant. We alternate between squats, box jumps and lifting weights, interspersed with cardio in the form of rowing and cycling. 
When we ask to break for a quick breather, George (thankfully) obliges, and doesn't make us feel guilty for needing to take a quick rest. We suspect this isn't the first time he's tired a client out. 
Once the hour is over, we're exhausted but invigorated. The close attention paid by George was refreshing, and reassuring - this is a man who knows exactly what he's talking about and we presume would yield some seriously impressive results when you train with him regularly. The company also offers a nutrition program and cookbook to complement its workout program which can be tailored according to each individual client. 
Whether you're an exercise addict or are looking to kick start a new routine, you'll find a comfortable (and stylish) home within iCan PT's unparalleled walls. The benchmark for luxury training has well and truly been set. 
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