Tried And Tested: Everything You Need To Know About A Juice Cleanse

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Jul 17 2018 / 14:43 PM

For three days Bazaar committed to a strict cleanse and here's what we found

Tried And Tested: Everything You Need To Know About A Juice Cleanse
Pure Delight AE

When you think of a juice cleanse you often associate hunger, a quick weight-loss fix, and Beyoncé (rewind to the infamous hardcore Master Cleanse). Here at Bazaar, we wanted to investigate what all the hype was about and to put to the test if we could miraculously transform into Gigi Hadid in the process. The experience was both surprising and insightful (disclaimer: we did not end up looking like Gigi).

We chose a three-day juice cleanse from the Dubai-based company Pure Delight. They emphasised the importance of being the best version of yourself and their commitment to offering support every step of the way. Plus, the juice was freshly made daily, securing bonus points before we had even begun.

The Cleanse

Three days, no caffeine and six juices comprised of a mixture of fruits and vegetables, plus one vegan nut milk, which turned into our tasty evening ‘treat’. If we were craving a healthy snack the approved list advised ¼ avocado or handful of almonds. On average we were consuming around 1000 calories a day and approximately 10kg of vegetables daily.

What We Found

1. You do not go hungry – the juices were extremely satisfying. We often found ourselves struggling to finish the fifth one. However, by the end of day one, we were remarkable craving healthy foods. 

2. Each juice tasted refreshingly good – one of the biggest fears we had pre-cleanse was the taste. The green juice was the only one that made us squirm slightly.

3. Fresh – incredible service, our juices arrived fresh each night.

4. We did feel too tired to continue with our usual heavy exercise routine therefore, we played it safe with light cardio sessions.

5. A new-found energy – Ever the optimists, there was no way we thought this detox would give us a new lease of life – but it did. After three days we felt more revitalised, refreshed and the need (correction, want) for caffeine dramatically subsided.

The Verdict

It is not one for the faint-hearted, the food cravings were real and we were overjoyed to see a cup of coffee. However, the sense of achievement and our new vitality for life was miraculous. If you feel the need for a total body reset, this cleanse is definitely for you.

Why Is A Cleanse Good For You?

Every juice cleanse is a little time-out for your body. Your system can bounce back into its natural equilibrium. It is incredibly beneficial for the body to be detoxed from time to time. Not to mention the overall well-being and great health benefits.

From The Experts

How to figure out if a juice cleanse is good for you? If you suffer from any of the following, then maybe it’s just what your body needs:

• Often feeling tired
• Struggle with mood swings
• You suffer from digestion problems (constipation, diarrhoea, bloating).
• You suffer from problematic skin conditions (dryness, itchiness, desquamation, impurities)
• You suffer from food intolerances

If you have any pre-existing health conditions please consult with your doctor before commencing any cleanse. 

Prices for Pure Delights Juice Delight cleanse start from Dhs315,