How To Avoid Getting The Flu This Season

BY Sara AlHumiri / Nov 21 2019 / 09:26 AM

Stay away from the dreaded sniffles...

How To Avoid Getting The Flu This Season

The season of comfy coats, knee-high boots and warm cups of coffee is finally here. Colder temperatures and even (sometimes) rain has come to the UAE, it's officially socially acceptable for us to pull out all the fuzzy teddy coats we've been hiding in the backs of our closets, and rocking them to work.

But where there's rain, there's the impending fear of the flu. Cue the scary music. It starts off with some light dry coughs at your desk in the office, and then turns to each of your co-workers taking a 'sick day.' A Winter flu is the trend of the season that we wish we could get rid of, but unfortunately never will.

Instead, we've gathered all the best ways and secret remedies that you can try so that you don't catch a cold this month. Gathered from personal experience, an Arabic mother's insight, and even tips that we've picked up from WebMd (but we're pretty sure you've already seen those).

Scroll through to learn a little more about all the ways you can stay healthy this Winter, or get better if you've already caught the dreaded flu...


All The Vitamins - From A to Z

Vitamin C for colds. We all know this vitamin is best for boosting immune systems and for preventing the common cold. Find it in your orange juice, your fruits and vegetables, or even tablets you can buy off the shelf from pharmacies. You should be paying attention to your Vitamin C intake all year round, but if not, it's a perfect remedy for a sore throat. A great home-hack for the flu is having fresh orange and lemon juice (mixed together) every couple of hours, to soothe your throat and build your energy. 

Another vitmain you should be looking out for is Zinc. Zinc lozenges have become popular for treating colds and is known to have antiviral properties. 


Herbal Remedies

Ginger, Ginseng and Turmeric should be you new best friends this Winter. These herbal spices and teas make for great natural ways to remedy your flu. Whether you drink ginger tea, chew it or have it with your sushi - it's a must-have for your flu. It's properties reduces headaches and decreases bloating, as well as soothes a sore throat. Ginseng offers similar solutions, as well as boosting the immune system and building up your strength to prevent a common cold. 


Vicks' Vapo Rub

It may smell horrible, but it's essential for your chest cough or runny nose. Carry a tub of Vapo-Rub with you at all times, you'll definitely need it. Vapo Rub is best for when you've already caught a cold, and are trying to relieve it. A home-hack from us to clear your congestion is to boil some water, pour it in a bowl large enough to put your head in, and mixing a tea-spoon of Vapo-Rub in with the hot water. Lower your head into the bowl, but not touching the water, and drape a towel over your head to create your own personal steam-room. This hack will allow you to fully breathe in the scent that'll clear your mucus, and soothe your chest pain. But don't forget to keep your eyes closed - Vapo-Rub can sting!


Chicken Noodle Soup 

Have some soup for the soul. One of the most important things you should keep watch of to prevent a flu is what you're eating. Forget greasy foods and unnecessary oils that'll clog your system and weaken your body. Why not make a classic chicken noodle soup for dinner, even invite some friends over to share! 


Rest Well 

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Allow your body to recover and rest up. Whether you're avoiding the flu, or you've already caught it, you should be giving yourself 7 hours of sleep (mininmum!) Treat yourself from time to time with a soothing hot bath or sheet mask. You have to allow your body to breathe so that you're able to fully recover from a flu, especially if it's a stubborn one.


Don't Forget To Move Your Muscles

Although you should be resting up post-flu and during the flu, you don't want to get unnecessarily lazy. Do some light morning stretches, or take a Yoga class or two during this season. The exercise will soothe a bad cough, and will release some endorphins into your body. If you're feeling really adventurous, then do a 30-minute gym work-out every other day to get yourself back on your feet.

A final tip: stay hydrated and cover your mouth at all times - you don't want to spread your sickness!