6 Tips On How To Motivate Yourself To Get Into Running

BY Milli Midwood / Jul 24 2019 / 15:24 PM

Need a new dedication to fitness? We’ve got you covered

6 Tips On How To Motivate Yourself To Get Into Running
Adidas ambassador Fiona Erdmann

BAZAAR caught up with former Germany’s Next Top Model contestant and now a keen runner, health enthusiast and Adidas ambassador Fiona Erdmann for some real, no-nonsense advice that cuts through the Instagram filter on the fitness world to find out her top tips on running and how to make the most of your workout.

Start now!
A lot of people always say, "I will start tomorrow". Just run and get started! My aim is to run everyday and I want to be the best version of myself by the end of the week. 

Stay motivated and don’t stop even if it’s hard.
I know people that have just started running are sometimes very disappointed as they would feel exhausted very quickly and sometimes the first 5-10 runs are not that fun. But I promise you, it will get better gradually with time. You will eventually start enjoying every run more as results start building up. The self-motivate is to ‘never stop and never give up!’.

Start small and build on your stamina.
Don’t push your boundaries and expect too much initially from yourself. Take it gradually by step-by-step as you’re not aiming to be a marathon runner after a week of running. My tip would be to take little breaks and to not increase the distance of running too fast. If you have just started running, try to take a rest for a minimum of three days per week. After the first twi weeks you can begin to increase your training gradually. Listen to yourself and your body and figure out how many kilometers you’re able to comfortably run. For fit beginners I would recommend starting with two to three kms. 

Avoid injury by stretching and wearing the correct workout gear.
During the process be careful of any injuries that could occur. Ensure you stretch properly before running, lean into your stretches gradually to warm your muscles. It is crucial to make sure you have the right shoes for best results and for your health. This is the main reason to why I always make sure to be running in proper shoes, which are made especially for running. My go-to running shoe is the new adidas PulseBoost HD because of the comfort and stability and extra boost while running. It’s perfect for urban runners and hitting the city streets.

The essential factor is food and water to allow you to have satisfying results.
Especially after the run, your body needs a lot of water intake, it’s highly important to keep yourself hydrated. In terms of food try to eat an hour before the run, avoid having anything heavy.

Find a running partner.
If you have someone to give you company you would both encourage each another.