Here's How To Train In The Gym Like A Model

BY Niko Algieri / Sep 28 2017 / 17:41 PM

This exercise is a game-changer

You’ve probably noticed the black and yellow strap in your gym and have probably seen Iza Goulart using it for some elaborate fitness movement. You may have even seen the fabled headstand move attempted on Instagram. But what is the TRX and why is it used by models worldwide for building flawless physiques?

Created by former Navy Seal Commander Randy Hetrick, the TRX (Total Resistance eXercise) is a suspension trainer. It’s a dual-strap that allows you to suspend different parts of your body off the floor, with the result being that you use your core in every movement that you do.

The beauty of the TRX is that it only needs your bodyweight to create resistance with the difficulty being controlled by your hand or feet position. Inexperienced trainers have classically shielded away from utilising the TRX to its full capacity. But in the hands of someone who is creative, there are no limits to its effectiveness.

The bodyweight factor of the TRX is what makes it so appealing to models, actors and athletes because it builds strength - without the bulk. It builds lean muscle without the need for endless hours of HIIT training. YOU are the weight, the kettlebell, the barbell, the cable. Once you have basics of the suspension trainer you will never look back.

The reason it quickly becoming the best training tool on the planet is because it’s portable. You can hang the TRX from a tree, a door in your hotel room or your house or attach it to a joist in the ceiling. It is compact and fits unnoticed in a suitcase. For around 400 AED, you can own a multi-gym in one piece of equipment. 

Below are my top 10 moves on the TRX to carve out the model physique. Do each exercise for 10 reps each and then the whole circuit 3 times through. The side plank should be held for 30 seconds on each side. Watch the video above to see the full demonstration. 

1.      TRX Squat

2.      TRX Reverse Lunge

3.      TRX Single Leg Squat

4.      TRX Single Leg Lunge

5.      TRX Glute Bridge

6.      TRX Row

7.      TRX Pushup

8.      TRX Pike

9.      TRX Knee Tuck

10.    TRX Side Plank

Niko Algieri is the founder of the Equilibrium gym in London. He has worked with many celebrity clients such as Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora. For more information, visit