3 Major Food Myths Debunked

BY Milli Midwood / Feb 1 2018 / 17:35 PM

Spoiler alert: carbs do not make you fat!

3 Major Food Myths Debunked

With a new year comes (plenty of) new diet fads. In a bid to lose weight this 2018, most of us have developed certain myths along the way. There’s a lot of information out there about dieting and nutrition, and it can be hard to sort through what’s fact and what’s fiction. Are carbs the enemy? Do fat-burning foods really exist?

We’ve enlisted the help of Dubai-based nutritionist, and co-founder of the popular all-female training and nutrition programme #SSxBH, Michael Sole to help put some of these tales to bed.

Myth: Carbs make you fat
Michael says: “Carbs have earned themselves a notorious spot on everyone’s ‘do-not-eat’ list. The myth has stemmed from those who completely cut out carbs and see immediate results, but what they fail to realise is that cutting out any food group - be it fats, protein or carbs - will result in weight loss because you’ve reduced your food intake. But this is only a temporary result. Longevity is all about balance. Eating too much of anything will cause fat storage, so just be mindful of your quantities.”

Myth: Fat-burning foods will help you lose weight quickly
Michael says: “There is no such thing as a food that burns belly fat. A calorie deficit is what causes weight loss, meaning the calories you eat in a day should be less than what you burn in a day. Simple!”

Myth: Chronic fatigue is down to poor nutrition
Michael says: “A big trend these days is self-diagnosing yourself with some sort of deficiency. Lack of sleep and copious amounts of coffee are the cause of your chronic fatigue. Try and spend 30-minutes a day outside in natural UV light; make a conscious effort to step out for a brisk walk and give that harsh office light a break."

Michael is the co-founder of Beyond Human and the all-female training and nutrition programme Shimmering Sands Takes You Beyond Human (#SSxBH).