Morning Warriors: Workouts We Love

BY HARPER'S BAZAAR ARABIA / Nov 8 2015 / 22:13 PM

Embrace a little early exercise that's anything but routine...

Morning Warriors: Workouts We Love
Image: Terry Richardson for Harper's Bazaar

We’re all guilty of pressing the snooze button one too many times in the morning to postpone having to get up and work out. It often feels much more like a chore than an enjoyable activity. But, we all know that once we (and our heart rates) are up, we feel infinitely better... Elle Woods is on to something with those endorphins. Given our busy work and social lives, exercising after dark can often be a conflict with our schedules. So we say it’s time to carpe the diem and get up with the sun to get the sweat session out of the way. Here are five of our favourite AM classes to try:

Mojo Pilates
If you thought Pilates wouldn’t be hard enough to wake you up, you’ve clearly never been to a 6am Reformer class with Lashley. Pulsating beats form the soundtrack to an hour-long class that’s sure to have you breaking a sweat by song two. Even though the moves are tough, the class is fun and welcoming to newcomers. You’ll build up strength fairly quickly thanks to the core-blasting moves and you’ll be well on your way to a more toned physique after a few classes. Dhs110 per class;

Warehouse Gym
Crossfit classes run every day at 6am at Warehouse gym, meaning there’s really no excuse to not get to at least one during the week. Guaranteed to get your heart rate up and your muscles moving, this is a sure-fire way to wake yourself up. If you’re new to these classes, take a series of their Crossfit Foundations classes to get up to speed with the techniques – but don’t think they’re any easier, you’ll still feel the burn during and in the days after the class. Dhs100 per class;

Dubai Bells
They may sound sweet but this group train hard at Dubai Sports City. Using kettlebells, the Dubai Bells do six rounds of grueling exercises focusing on strength and stability, and will have you working your way up to arms that would make Jennifer Aniston jealous in no time. One look at the group’s Facebook page and you’ll see that having fun is an integral part to their sweat sessions, with regular themed workouts so this pain-meets-play vibe makes exercising at 6am all the more enticing. Dhs150 for the first session (which includes one-month access to the Sports City track);

Bounce Fit
There’s no better way to get yourself up and excited for the day ahead than a Bounce Fit class. Taking place at the reasonable time of 8am, and on a Saturday morning no less, the class is a surefire calorie burner.  Set to a thumping soundtrack, this is possibly the most fun way to work off Friday brunch. The toned limbs are an extra added bonus. Dhs80 per class;

Fight Club at Multi Club Fitness Centre
The perfect way to relieve the stress of the working week? A 7am boxing class at Multi Club, Dubai Media City. Boxing is the workout of choice for many of the Victoria’s Secret models in the lead-up to the show and it’s not hard to see why. Working every muscle from shoulders to shins, this is one of the quickest ways to get your body fighting fit.  Plus, the energy hit you’ll get as a result will keep you pumped up all day long. Dhs50 per class; 

— Maddison Glendinning