3 Overlooked Superfoods To Get You Fitter Faster

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Jul 21 2019 / 20:52 PM

Health is just one taste away

3 Overlooked Superfoods To Get You Fitter Faster

First it was coconut water. Then came avocado toast. Here are some of the latest healthy food trends worth trying now.

What: Mushroom tea
Good for: Immunity, stress reduction and other health benefits. Ask for reishi (good for hormones), cordyceps (handy for athletes) or chaga (full of antioxidants).
Tastes like: The tea looks a bit like watery coffee and tends to taste like weak coffee.
Find it: Wild and the Moon sell mushroom tea. It’s also available on iHerb.

What: Aloe vera water
Good for: Digestion, hydration and a healthy liver. It’s particularly handy for decreasing irritation in the stomach and intestines. Make sure to buy the water unsweetened and without strange additives.
Tastes like: A slightly sour water.
Find it: OrganicPress sells aloe vera water alongside an anti-inflammation package. Bottles are also available at Carrefour and Spinneys.

What: Jackfruit ‘meat’
Good for: A vegan meat replacement. Jackfruit can be slow cooked and stuffed in potatoes, stir fried with teriyaki sauce and popped into a sushi bowl, or even tucked into a pot pie.
Tastes like: Meat, ish. The texture is great and it takes on any flavour.
Find it: Jackfruit is available at Spinneys and Carrefour, with recipes online.