Taylor Hill Reveals Her Surprising Pre-Victoria's Secret Diet

BY Ella Alexander / Jan 22 2017 / 18:24 PM

The Victoria's Secret Angel wants you to know that underwear models love excessive eating

Taylor Hill Reveals Her Surprising Pre-Victoria's Secret Diet

It is part of the world's natural order that Victoria's Secret models often talk about their apparent love of pizza and burgers.

Bella Hadid says she eats cheese toasties every day; Jourdan Dunn enjoys a Nando's session; and Gigi Hadid is apparently a burger fiend.

And now Taylor Hill claims she eats 3,000 calories a day before the Victoria's Secret show because, they are, she says they are "Olympians."

"I eat 3,000 calories a day before the VS show. Three thousand!" she told The Sunday Times. "There's no way you look like that and don't eat. You would die. Victoria's Secret girls are like athletes. We're like Olympians. We're strong."

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It's an opinion previously voiced by the Victoria's Secret casting director Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou, who said in 2013 that being a catwalk model for the brand is "really like being an Olympian – they have to be in peak condition. It's not about being thin or anything like that".

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Truthfully, it's difficult to work out what the Angels eat – there are contrasting reports. In 2011, Adriana Lima told The Telegraph that in the build-up to the show she drinks only protein shakes and that there's a "no solids" rule. Two days before the show, she stops drinking the recommended gallon of water and "drinks normally", then 12 hours before the catwalk action begins she stops drinking entirely so "you dry out" – as far as this writer is aware, not a tactic adopted by Olympians.

So who knows? In our post-truth world, it's hard to tell.

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