Watch Gigi Hadid Be Interviewed Whilst Holding A Plank

BY Maddison Glendinning / Mar 29 2017 / 19:32 PM

The good news? She hates the position just as much as we do

Watch Gigi Hadid Be Interviewed Whilst Holding A Plank

People feel pretty strongly one way or another when it comes to planks. There's generally no-one saying "I don't mind doing them on some days!" So it was seriously refreshing for us to watch this video of supermodel Gigi Hadid being interviewed whilst holding the plank position.

The model is the face of Reebok's #PerfectNever campaign and the latest video for the self-empowerment campaign sees Gigi struggling at times to hold her position and subsequently being corrected by her trainer, Rob Piela, who is also interviewing her. 

Impressively, she manages to talk through the whole thing, sharing that her favourite empowering quote is one her stepdad told her - "that good is the enemy of great" - and that she sometimes wakes up in the morning wondering whether or not she has to get on a plane. Hadid, who has walked twice for Victoria's Secret, says calling her mum, eating a good meal and going for a walk helps her to feel positive and that she's passionate about "people being nice to each other." 

We can't argue with that.