Here’s Why You Should Start Meditating This 2018

BY Milli Midwood / Jan 24 2018 / 16:20 PM

Can just 10 minutes of meditation improve your quality of life?

Here’s Why You Should Start Meditating This 2018
SHA Wellness Clinic
Petra Nemcova at SHA Wellness Clinic

Meditation was once considered taboo. If you practiced meditating every day, it was usually something you’d keep to yourself. But with more and more studies proving how taking just a few minutes out of your day to practice this calming technique can do wonders for your overall health, this way of mindful living has become more than just a hallmark of yogi culture. Bazaar sat down with supermodel, philanthropist and health enthusiast Petra Nemcova, who is a SHA Wellness Clinic ambassador, to talk all things meditation.

Petra Nemcova at SHA Wellness Clinic

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia: What is meditation?
Petra Nemcova: It is a state of deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent. Unlike the stereotypes around medtiation, you don’t have to practice it sitting down with your eyes shut and legs crossed, you can practice walking mediation as you move about through the day. There are different types of meditation as well, whether it’s a breathing technique or a mantra or affirmation – you just have to find what works for you.

Petra Nemcova at SHA Wellness Clinic

HBA: What is the biggest misconception about meditating?
PN: Oh, there are plenty! People tend to think it’s a one-time exercise, and that when you complete the session you’re done for the day. But mediation is a way of living; every day it improves your mental and physical quality of life more and more.
Another misconception is th meditation makes your mind go mind blank, but in fact it’s the opposite. You’re connecting with your soul and you learn so much about yourself. One of my favourite quotes that explains this best is: “in the space of nothingness we can create anything”.

HBA:  How has meditation helped you through day-to-day life?
PN: It’s increased my self-awareness, improved my concentration and overall encourages a more healthy lifestyle. Other benefits also include improved sleep, increased levels of happiness as well as reduced anxiety and stress.

Petra Nemcova at SHA Wellness Clinic

HBA: What advice would you give to a beginner, who has never mediated before, and wants to try it?
PN: I would suggest a guided mediation if you’ve never tried it before. Either sit with a teacher who can guide you through a session. This is why places like SHA Wellness Clinic are great because they offer support for all abilities. There are also some great podcasts and apps out there, like Headspace.

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