How Guerlain Plan To #SaveTheBees And Achieve Carbon Neutrality By 2028

BY Ayesha Sohail Shehmir Shaikh / Jun 26 2019 / 20:20 PM

Nature-friendly beauty products that slay? Yes please!

How Guerlain Plan To #SaveTheBees And Achieve Carbon Neutrality By 2028
Courtesy of Guerlain

Embracing sustainable innovation with the sentiments of authenticity and transparency, French luxury beauty house Guerlain has just unveiled its digital platform Bee Respect, giving consumers and employees all the behind-the-scenes deets on the ingredients and packaging components used in their products.

The House took its first step towards sustainability earlier this year with L’Essentiel, a foundation made with natural ingredients, taking natural glow to another level. Now with the launch of Bee Respect, in collaboration with Product DNA (a company that specialises in product traceability), Guerlain is striving to reduce their environmental impact by aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2028.

“Taking action to create a more sustainable world gives us the opportunity to share our culture of looking to what is good and beautiful, something that has been at the cornerstone of our success, and take it to new heights so we can pass on our beautiful legacy to future generations with complete transparency,” says CEO of Guerlain, Laurent Boillot.

“Our ambition is ongoing and while I’m in the habit of saying that we are not going to save the planet on our own, we can be proud and determined to do our part, and even that bit more.”

Bee Respect has launched in France with skincare and L’Essentiel make-up ranges and the beauty brand aims to cover further regions in the future.