Fragrance Layering 101: Huda And Mona Kattan Teach Us How To Achieve The Perfect Scent

BY Janvi Thanki / Nov 16 2018 / 17:37 PM

Get ready to jot down six tips to own a smell that's uniquely your own

Fragrance Layering 101: Huda And Mona Kattan Teach Us How To Achieve The Perfect Scent

The Kattan sisters have been the reigning queens of beauty in the region with their eponymous makeup line, which is where you can find some of the best products in the industry (here's looking at you, New Nude palette). Now, previous Bazaar cover star Huda Kattan and her fellow beauty entrepreneur sister Mona are trying out something a little different by launching their first-ever fragrance. It just dropped on November 16.

The perfume’s title, Kayali, means 'my imagination' in Arabic and according to Huda's Insta stories is inspired by the Middle Eastern art of layering scents to create a fragrance that’s uniquely your own.

The duo recently talked about their new launch in their latest YouTube video and here's everything that you need to know before you start shopping.

The sisters' fragrance line features four different perfumes: vanilla, citrus, elixir and musk. The most potent of them all being Elixir which is a mixture of red apple, rose de Mai absolute, jasmine sambac absolute, vanilla and patchouli - making it a great base scent if you want to attempt layering perfumes.

The vanilla scent was finalized after 28 attempts and contains a delicious mixture of vanilla orchid, tonka absolute, brown sugar, and amber wood.

The last two fragrances, citrus and musk, are much milder compared to the others. The citrus fragrance started off as a rose fragrance and converged into the citrusy flavour after eight tries, after the sister were won over by fresh ingredients like pink grapefruit, rose centifolia, bergamot and oak musk. The musk scent is a unique combo of lotus flower, jasmine, musk, vanilla and sandalwood.

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The perfume label’s brand new Instagram has already racked up over 20,000 followers and is destined to sell out almost the moment the line drops. All of their Insta posts captioned "Save the date: November 16" are not joking.

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