La Prairie Releases A Game Changing Skincare Product

BY Alexandra Venison / Jan 30 2017 / 18:24 PM

The Line Interception Power Duo is set to shift your view on how to battle fine lines and wrinkles

La Prairie Releases A Game Changing Skincare Product

When it comes to new launches, luxury skincare brand La Prairie take them very seriously. So for their first product introduction of 2017, they have introduced the Line Interception Power Duo. Featuring both an anti-aging day cream and anti-aging night cream, the multifunctional product is promising some of the most ambitious claims for any of the anti-aging formulas the brand has released to date.   

Set to take only two weeks, the product promises to reduce the appearance of fine lines, vertical and deep wrinkles. The scientists within the La Prairie labs set to identifying the three different types pinpointing UV-induced wrinkles, expression lines and gravity related creases and folds that are caused by age. The day and night creams work together with the added benefit of La Prairie’s exclusive pioneer in cellular science the Cellular Complex which targets essential cells and components of the extra cellular matrix.

Starting in the day, the first application of cream looks to combating expression lines. With signals being sent to your facial muscles to contract day after day, wrinkles grow deeper and deeper. Whereas common injectables simply prevent one signal pathway blocking the message, the Line Interception Power Duo works on a trio of stages at different levels. Including SPF30 your skin is also protected from the sun exposure which can cause premature ageing over time.

At night it is all about skin regeneration, where the cream aims to tackle weakening skin by helping cells to regenerate. Slowing down with age, the skin's natural processes of renewal and repair which all happens at night is stimulated in order to aid the production of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid which all helps to strengthen the cells. The night cream also helps to support proteasome activity which also helps to enhance skin renewal.

The next innovation for the Line Interception Power Duo is the packaging. Featuring two separate chambers and a single pump, the bottle also has a locking system making it the perfect travel partner. At Dhs1,500 it may fall at the higher end of the market, but with improved texture, hydrated skin and noticeably finer lines within two weeks it’s well and truly worth it.