The Outfit-Completing Fragrances To Try Now

BY Connie Chamberlayne / Nov 19 2018 / 23:18 PM

Tom Ford provides the ultimate finishing touch to evening attire in the form of two exquisite fragrances.

The Outfit-Completing Fragrances To Try Now
Tom Ford
Fougère d’Argent by Tom Ford

Slipping into your most elegant evening ensemble requires a splash of something special don’t you think? White tie soirees and red carpet events aside, this is the smartest dress code you can adopt anywhere – not to mention a chance to try something a little more elevated with your fragrance than the one you wear during the week. But don’t be fooled, that doesn't simply mean reaching for the headiest oud in your cabinet.

The Ultimate Outfit-Completing Fragrances To Try Now

Fougère D’Argent by Tom Ford 250ml, Dhs2,575.65

As a gentleman almost permanently found in after-dark attire, the master of allure Tom Ford sure knows how to create a beguiling evening-friendly scent with wow-factor. And, while such perfumes are in abundance in his oeuvre (lest we forget our never ending Black Orchid obsession), Fougère Platine and Fougère D’Argent are the front-runner fragrances we’ve currently got our eyes (and noses) firmly set on.

Carrying rich notes of bergamot, sweet mandarin, and tangy ginger, Fougère D’Argent undulates with added aromatic notes of soft lavender. Meanwhile, Fougère Platine is an enticingly vibrant blend of clary sage and musky tobacco leaves, amplified by spritely Spanish cistus oil and warm honey accord.

The Ultimate Outfit-Completing Fragrances To Try Now

Fougère Platine by Tom Ford 250ml, Dhs2,575.65

These must-have unisex fragrances come in three sizes (50ml, 100ml and 250ml) rendering them ideal for tastefully refined holiday gifting.

Available at all selected Tom Ford outlets across the Middle East