There Are Now Game Of Thrones Make-Up Brushes

BY Laura Capon / Aug 6 2017 / 13:28 PM

What to get the beauty addict with dreams of Westeros

There Are Now Game Of Thrones Make-Up Brushes
The Catch 96

Game of Thrones fans will have undoubtedly admired Sansa's porcelain skin, Cersei's perfect pout or Daenerys's Princess-like white-blonde hair, but now there's an actual way of bringing GoT beauty into our lives.

Cosmetics brand The Catch 96 have crafted a limited-edition set of GoT-inspired make-up brushes - and they're really quite beautiful.

Each set contains eight brushes and comes available in four finishes: rose gold, silver, bronze or copper. The brushes are all synthetic and each have a handle that represents every house in the Game of Thrones series.

Game of Thrones make-up brush set, The Catch 96, $39.95. 

Via Harper's Bazaar UK