Dubai Beauty Entrepreneur Launches Ayurvedic Apothecary Line

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / May 26 2016 / 15:02 PM

Generations of family beauty secrets inform a new range of apothecary products

Dubai Beauty Entrepreneur Launches Ayurvedic Apothecary Line
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Dubai-born beauty brand Apothecary by Mamta Nihalani 

It was Mamta Nihalani’s mother and seven aunts who convinced the budding beauty entrepreneur that natural is best. Born in Dubai, the 36-year-old is set to launch her own line of body scrubs, oils and mud masks under the Apothecary by Mamta Nihalani brand this summer.

“My mum's family has long been into everything natural, my mother, her sisters and my numerous cousins all firmly believed natural is best. It helped that they all looked so much younger than their actual ages, so that's what piqued my interest. From a very young age I have always made my own concoctions and tried them out on myself before making for friends and family,” Mamta tells Bazaar, adding, “What I do is not just for your body. It's a combination of body, mind and soul.” Aromatherapy plays a key part in the range, which includes a Magic Mud Mask, Matcha Sugar Scrub and a Hair Oil derived from a family recipe handed down through generations of Mamta’s Indian relations. Essential oil soy wax candles are also in the pipeline.

Beauty entrepreneur Mamta Nihalani wears custom dress by Bambah

Produced in a boutique facility in Dubai, the 10-piece line uses sandalwood from Kerala and Sri Lanka, rose petals sourced from a province in Pakistan, rosemary from the south of Spain, essential oils from all over the world and lavender from Provence – “I just love the way lavender smells from the South of France compared to anywhere else,” Mamta smiles. Priced from Dhs100 to Dhs1,000, Apothecary by Mamta Nihalani is available at SensAsia and by private order at

– Louise Nichol