This Iconic Parisian Aesthetic Clinic Just Opened In Dubai

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Mar 31 2019 / 14:42 PM

Maison Lutétia, one of Paris’ most well-known clinics and salons, has opened its (extremely chic) doors in Dubai’s Festival City, and BAZAAR was treated to a first look.

This Iconic Parisian Aesthetic Clinic Just Opened In Dubai
Maison Lutétia

The newly-opened space has brought the best of French beauty to the Middle East, offering both men and women a myriad of treatments and procedures in the most discreet and exclusive of environments.

Maison Lutétia boasts its own private car park in Festival City, so on arrival at the clinic you can park away from the hustle-and-bustle of the shopping mall. For extra exclusivity, the brand also offers underground parking and entrance via a separate elevator that opens up into your own private waiting room, so you quite literally don’t have to interact with anyone but your doctor.

The salon space is imbued with pink walls, gold fittings and plush chairs. There are two private rooms on offer for women who want complete privacy during their hair appointment, and even for those who don’t, the mirrors at each station are curved, so you can’t peer over at the chair next to you.

Two medical doctors are on-hand to offer patients proper consultations. Whilst Maison Lutétia is very much about the patient’s journey in an aesthetic sense, the clinic is also very much about finding procedures that work. They’re also passionate about offering treatments that result in less pain, less bruising, and less downtime. Case in point? BAZAAR tried out an LED facial to help combat our dilated pores, and we walked away with zero redness and a very healthy glow.

In preparation for our next treatment, a gentle peel, we also picked up a few skincare products from Eneomey that came recommended by the doctor to help dry out our oily skin. The cleanser, skin repair cream and SPF – all sold at Maison Lutétia - have already started working their magic. Watch this space to see how we get on. 

If you’re travelling to Paris but don’t want to compromise on your fabulous new skincare regime, the aesthetic clinic is located in a historic mansion in the prestigious Plaine Monceau, Lutétia, and the team will have all your files on record, so patients can book in for their next treatment.