Step Inside La Clinic's Modern Interiors For A Mind And Body Detox

BY Rebecca Anne Proctor / Nov 25 2018 / 20:26 PM

A relaxing beauty and anti-ageing clinic in the Swiss Riviera fine-tunes the mind and the body

Step Inside La Clinic's Modern Interiors For A Mind And Body Detox

Nestled in the foothills of the Alps and overlooking Lake Geneva, is a charming 19th-century building with Belle Époque references that houses Laclinic Montreux, a beauty clinic with the vibe of an upscale hotel. Its elegant exterior matches the romantic style edifices aligning the promenade of the nearby city of Montreux, a glittering jewel of a town that has attracted holidaymakers for centuries, eager to relish the area’s verdant landscape and rich cultural scene. Yet I was here for other reasons. The Canton of Vaud region is also known for its myriad spas, beauty clinics and plastic surgeons. In essence, it’s a place where people come to retreat from the chaos of modern life. So here I was, on the cusp of summer after a busy season, seeking much-needed rest and repair. I immediately breathed in Montreux’s fresh, clean air and relished the natural surroundings – a revitalising experience itself. I stepped inside Laclinic’s unassuming exterior and found several floors of white, airy rooms where doctors in white robes walked around briskly performing a variety of anti-ageing treatments, including facelifts, cosmetic dentistry, LPG, hair replacement and aesthetic treatments. Here, aesthetic plastic surgery is balanced with non-surgical procedures, all tailored to each patient’s needs and desires. I didn’t come for any surgical treatments, but merely to try a few non-invasive procedures that would leave me feeling beautified and mentally and physically rejuvenated. For three days I stayed in one of Laclinic’s sleek over-night rooms where clients rest and recuperate after an arduous treatment. Akin to the experience of a luxury hospital, each day breakfast was dutifully served on my balcony where I drank my tea while taking in the blissful waters of the lake below.

Laclinic’s guest rooms

One of Laclinic’s sleek guest rooms

The sheer act of having to be cut open and refigured in order to feel more beautiful has always left me feeling uncertain. Yet with each passing day, I came to a better understanding of the ‘science’ of beauty and how Dr Michel Pfulg, who founded the clinic in 2002, is dedicated to creating and enhancing physical harmony. The expert team, led by the former Clinique La Prairie surgeon, offers a combination of discreet treatments and gentle recovery. Dr Pfulg and his team of surgeons, physicians, nurses and beauty experts focus on one goal: the perfection of beauty. Given my interest in Eastern medicine and treatments such as Ayurveda, I was hesitant to succumb my body to a machine. My daily treatments included sessions of LPG or Endermologie, known for its ability to reduce cellulite by mechanical massage through the rolling and manipulation of the tissue. Handing myself over to the therapist – at first with trepidation – the machine-powered simulator was far away from the natural massage treatments I am used to. But I tried it. As my legs, arms, and even face were rolled, resulting in a slightly tingly feeling, physiotherapist and LPG expert Jean-Marc Tétier explained the utility of the treatment. “It’s becoming the go-to treatment for women everywhere,” he said. “Use it to eliminate cellulite, tone up, lose weight and get your youthful radiance back on the face.”

Dr Pfulg; founder of La Clinic

Dr Michael Pfulg, founder of Laclinic

A great discovery was the ability of LPG Endermologie to treat acne scars – something I’ve greatly struggled with over the years. Small marks from breakouts are tough to treat naturally, if not impossible. As Dr Tétier encouraged me to do the treatment, he explained how the procedure worked by stimulating dormant cellular activity within our skin to fight all unaesthetic manifestations. I lay down once again as the machine gently tickled my face, buzzing as it did on all problem areas. I stared in the mirror in disbelief afterwards to find my skin tighter, more radiant and softer to the touch. The small scars I had clearly needed more than one session to vanish, but the effects of just 20 minutes were impressive. Cellulite is what women commonly use LPG to treat, but I had another request: muscle tension and tightness. After years of ballet, I continue to struggle with stiff legs, especially my calves, which causes a lot of pain in my lower back. Dr Tétier used the machine on my legs and the effects were powerful – akin to a deep tissue massage and a long stretch. I left convinced.

Helena Rubinstein skincare products

Helena Rubinstein skincare products made in collaboration with Laclinic Re-Plasty Age Recovery Night Cream, Dhs1,601; Re-Plasty Age Recovery Day Cream, Dhs1,567

Re-Plasty Pro Filler Serum and Serum in blur eye and lip contour

Re-Plasty Pro-Filler Serum, Dhs1,414; Serum-in-blur Eye & Lip Contour Care, Dhs912

What sets Laclinic apart from other beauty centres is its ability to cater to all medical and paramedical treatments while still maintaining a holistic approach to beauty. I also explored the state-of-the-art aesthetic dentistry area, which offers a full range of services from teeth whitening to full restoration and oral health. With plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr Serge Lê-Huu, a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery, I discussed regenerative medicine, one of his major interests, whose purpose it is to repair damaged tissue. He believes that in the future it will revolutionise the future of plastic and cosmetic surgery. As part of a humanitarian mission, each year Dr. Lê-Huu travels to Vietnam, his father’s country, to treat children who are victims of burn scars – an act that illuminates the charitable aspects of plastic surgery. There’s a lot of integrity here and that’s what I loved. From defects that affect one’s confidence, anti-ageing treatments, and victims of unfortunate accidents, there is a solution at Laclinic. “Beautification and rejuvenation are not intended to revolutionise, disguise or betray, but to improve,” he says. Rather, he believes they are akin to “artistic touches that illuminate the whole and make it more harmonious.” Plastic surgery, according to Dr. Pfulg, is another form of art – a cosmetic one at that.

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