Skin Deep: The Best Bridal Beauty Treatments

BY Natascha Hawke / Dec 29 2016 / 18:20 PM

Non-invasive Treatments for a Flawless Face

Skin Deep: The Best Bridal Beauty Treatments
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Oxygen Infusion Facial, Ivory Aesthetics

There's no other time in a girl's life when all attention will be focused on how she looks more so than on her wedding day. It is therefore absolutely essential for your confidence, and the wedding photographs, that your skin looks its absolute best. “In order to achieve this, depending on the condition of the skin, a bride should start a series of treatments around six months prior to the wedding day,” says Iranian beauty therapist Shohreh Bagherian of Ivory Aesthetics in Dubai, whose list of high-profile clients within the region makes her one of the most sought-after beauty therapists in town. At 41, Shohreh is a testament to what taking care of your skin can do, and can’t stress enough the importance of looking after it. “Put it this way, look what happens to your body if you don’t do any exercise – your skin is the same, if you don’t maintain it you will age faster.” Her ultimate bridal beauty treatment is the Oxygen Infusion facial that combines a deep cleanse, exfoliation, and, if needed, a light peel, followed by a hydrating mask specific to your skin type. Once skin is prepped the real work commences. A hydrating serum is applied and 90 per cent oxygen is blasted onto the surface of the skin with a handheld airbrush. Seeping deep into the dermis, the oxygen instantly improves skin’s hydration, smoothing out the tone and texture, while plumping and eradicating fine lines. Shohreh recommends a series of facials for best results, or simply make an appointment the day before your wedding to achieve a healthy-looking, flawless face in time for the big day. Dhs650; Ivory Aesthetics, +971 4 451 5554

Lipoliss Anti-cellutlite Detox Treatment, SO Spa, Sofitel Dubai the Palm

If you’re apprehensive about dimple-ridden thighs blighting your Maldivian honeymoon photos, this is the treatment for you. This cold deep tissue massage, using Anne Semonin’s Lipoliss products, is non-invasive, but don’t expect a relaxing experience. First a strong pair of hands deliver a rigorous but satisfying thigh-pummelling, working in active ingredients of Sea Lotus and Marine Extract that boost circulation, help to eliminate toxins and smooth out unsightly cellulite. Secondly, the frozen cryo-ball is applied, the cold intended to shock the body and trigger the breakdown of fat cells. This is followed by a firming body mask, applied under a foil wrap to further assist in detoxification. There is no recovery time necessary, and the results are noticeable after one session; thighs are smoother with better skin tone, and tired heavy legs are lighter. A series of five or ten treatments is recommended, daily sessions prior to the wedding would deliver maximum results. Dhs650 for one session; So Spa, Sofitel Dubai The Palm, +971 4 455 5433  

Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy (PRP), New Age Clinic

Made famous by Kim Kardashian, The Vampire Facelift or Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) is one Hollywood fad that is still going strong. Minimally invasive, practioners take the patient’s own blood and extract the platelet-rich plasma, injecting it back into the face. Originally developed for joint damage, wound healing and diabetic ulcers, the results on facial rejuvination were so good it is now one of the most sought-after procedures. PRP can be used for crow’s feet, cheeks, and fine lines for volumising and improving skin tone, tightness and texture. “The platelets found in blood contain growth factors and proteins of which the main purpose is to restore and heal damaged skin through activation and rejuvenation of cells,” explains Dr Sail Abu Saif of New Age Clinic in Abu Dhabi, who regularly performs this procedure with startling results. “PRP injections build the tissue over time. It’s the treatment of choice for patients who are looking for a natural procedure to treat fine lines,” he says. There are no side effects, like allergic reactions, and no rejection of the PRP injection because it’s from the patient’s own blood. Improvement in skin texture can be noticed early on after the treatment, but collagen production can be delayed 10 to 15 weeks after the treatment so book in early before the wedding day to see the best results. Dr Sail suggests three to four treatments over six weeks, and expects the results to last for around 12 – 18 months. Dhs1,500 New Age Clinic, Abu Dhabi +971 2 447 6772

Stem Cell Facelift, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

A minimally invasive treatment, with surgical results. The Stem Cell Facelift is a rejuvinating procedure that is increasing in popularity. Rather than using blood it uses your own body fat as its resource. It is extracted and the stem cells removed to then be implanted back into the face, creating healing in dying cells which results in skin that looks fuller. “The Stem Cell Facelift is an anti-ageing facial procedure that is in line with the latest scientific findings where our own skin properties are utilised to maintain youthful skin,” explains Dr Juan Tadeo Krogulec, Specialist Plastic Surgeon at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery clinic. “Research shows that the fountain of youth is found inside our own bodies. With Stem Cell Facelift, which is a less-invasive form of facelift, fat is extracted from our own bodies, the stem cells are extracted from it then it is injected in the face, right under the skin hence re-activating other cells in the body to repair the skin tissue that was already damaged.” From Dhs2,500; Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, +971 (0)4 348 5575

Thermage, Eternel Clinic

Thermage is a non-surgical option that targets sagging skin that’s losing its elasticity. It can be used almost everywhere, from eyes to face and body, where one desires a little lift – it can even help with the appearance of cellulite, sagging knees and love handles. Thermage uses radiofrequency waves that penetrate deep into the skin stimulating collagen, tightening and improving the appearance of wrinkles, with the most significant results occuring around the face and eyes. It acts by working underneath the surface of the skin, therefore leaving almost no redness or any other signs of treatment. Recovery is swift and the return to work is immediate. It does not replace a face or neck lift but can lead to improvement of ageing, especially if the wrinkles or sagging are not severe. From Dhs14,000; Eternel Clinic +971 4 344 0008

Ultherapy, Lucia Aesthetic

A smooth, firm décolletage is a must for a wedding day – nothing gives age away faster than a wrinkled chest area. More popularly used to lift brows, chin and neck, Ultherapy is an FDA-approved, non-invasive procedure that can also now be used for the chest area. Using ultrasound energy that penetrates deep into the foundational layer of the skin, usually only accessible through surgery, it combats the signs of ageing at the root of the problem with incredible results. The ultrasound stimulates collagen production by destroying the old, to make way for the new. The new collagen brings with it a lifting and toning effect, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance that improves over time – most patients will see results around two to three months after the treatment, as the new collagen is formed. From Dhs5,000; Lucia Aesthetic & Dermatology Center, +971 4  385 4525

RF Ultra, The Private Clinic

RF Ultra is a non-invasive approach to tackling sagging skin through a combination of fat melting and body contouring. It requires no surgery, and has absolutely no downtime, making it ideal for pre-wedding makeovers and last minute attempts at tightening and toning – its USP is that it makes light work of stubborn areas like arms and stomach with immediate results. Pain-free, the procedure uses high-frequency ultrasound waves to attack fat cells, destroying them and releasing their contents to be disposed of by the body. This results in fat loss that is visible in just one session – you can lose centimetres off the waistline. The radiofrequency part works to tighten loose skin by promoting healthy collagen production, which restores its firmness and elasticity returning it to its youthful former self. From Dhs500; The Private Clinic, +971 4 395 6400

Fotona 4D Lip Plump, Euromed Clinic

A revolutionary non-surgical procedure, the Fotona 4D Lip Plump uses the exact same technology as the Fotona 4D Facelift to make lips more voluminous without using injectables, making it the safest option for your wedding day. “The treatment involves a series of targeted heat pulses into the mucosa of the lips and this triggers a collagen reaction that gives the lips a fuller, natural look,” says Rebecca Treston, aesthetician and laser specialist at Euromed Clinic in Dubai. “Because of the nature of this treatment, you will not lose the natural shape of your lips – they will just become more plump and enhanced,” says Rebecca. It is safe and painless with immediate results, making it the perfect pout pick-me-up. Dhs800; Rebecca Treston at Euromed Clinic, +971 4 394 5422