10 Of The Most Beautiful Engagement Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

BY Sara AlHumiri / Sep 17 2019 / 12:08 PM

By the beach, in front of the Burj Khalifa, or under a shower of fireworks, we've rounded up the best engagement photos on Instagram to give you plenty of inspo for your own

10 Of The Most Beautiful Engagement Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

A picture says a thousand words, and with your very own wedding, you'll probably want it to say a thousand more. Your photoshoot, your decisions. What couple poses will you go for? Serious or funny faces? Casual or formalwear? What kind of location do you want? All these questions are up to you to answer. No pressure - because we've chosen some of the best couple-photographs and engagement photography, done right by the likes of Lana El Sahely, Alice Abdelaziz and Rania Fawaz. 

[1] Mariam Mendelek

A beach and some fireworks? This cliché is our everlasting love - one that we will never get over.

[2] Nathalie Nasrallah

If you prefer greenery over the ocean's blue, all you need is a professional camera and the closest field you can find. You'll have the perfect shot in no-time.

[3] Lana El Sahely

A white dress for your engagement shoot is perfect practice for your actual wedding day! Photograph those jitters away.

[4] Nancy Ajram

Have your photos taken in the most natural setting, sometimes you don't need planning & organising - magical things can form with less pressure. 

[5] Alice Abdelaziz

And sometimes...you just want to add all the drama to the photograph. In this case, the bigger the better - both balloons & dress!

[6] Myriam Fares 

If your beau is camera-shy, you can always get a good engagement photoshoot of yourself in yet another beautiful white dress. 

[7] Saufeeya 

While a photograph is the perfect way to store a memory, a video of the engagement-live is even better. Have a friend record the engagement or photoshoot so that you can replay the minute when you say "yes" again & again. 

[8] Rania Fawaz 

Sometimes you don't even have to plan a whole photoshoot. A simple capture of you and your fiance smiling will brighten both your - and anyone's day. 

[9] Bernie & Bindi

You, your fiance, and a...camel? As crazy as it is, having these animals in your photographs set you far from 'just another desert photoshoot', and add that little bit of extra that you felt your picture was missing. These Dubai Wedding photographers have created much more than just precious mementos, check them out: Bernie & Bindi 

[10] Maria Sundin Photography 

If influencers and celebs just aren't answering your engagement-photoshoot questions, look to some of Dubai's best wedding photographers. Maria Sundin transports this beautiful couple to almost bedouin-like times; the breathtaking Dubai heritage scenery will surely bring tears of joy to the eyes.