DJ Vs. Live Band: How To Make The Right Choice For Your Wedding Day

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Aug 20 2019 / 17:23 PM

When planning your wedding day, you’ll inevitably be faced with the question: “Live band or DJ?”

DJ Vs. Live Band: How To Make The Right Choice For Your Wedding Day
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A strong sense of musicality, charisma, engaging with the crowd and song selection (according to the running order and ambience) is a make or break for any band or DJ.

Selecting between a live band and/or a DJ for your wedding can be a difficult choice. BAZAAR caught up with Dubai-based wedding DJ Karim Barkouki who shares his top tips help you make this decision.

Why should you hire a live band?

This is a frequent question asked. A good band will add a positive feel to the energy of the evening. It’s also a good change from original music to a live performance. Bands can also give the typical songs we hear on a daily basis a nice twist and a personal touch. Hiring a band is great for dinner as an added entertainment factor for the evening while people dine and sing along in their seats or even dance once dinner is over.

Depending on your audience type, the band could ideally have two 30 minute sets or a 1 hour stretch. A chilled one during supper and a more hype one after (to get the people back on the dance floor after a heavy meal).

Why should you hire a DJ?

A DJ is the maestro of the evening. There’s just too much music, genres, moods and beats to play with. Usually a DJ can play for a longer period of time. A good DJ is also able to control his crowd. An experienced wedding DJ can spin different genres and cater to ethnic backgrounds while mixing in-between for example an Arabic track and an English one. In general, people tend to prefer dancing to the real song vs dancing to the cover. There’s more of a punch to it.

Karim Barkouki also known as DJ Stylez, is one of Dubai's most in demand DJ's for weddings and various events

Generally, a talented DJ can create more of a hype for a longer period of time - shaking the dance floor while playing people’s favorite hits and genres throughout the evening.

Having the right entertainment team is extremely crucial for making your wedding a more memorable one, so spend wisely. If you can have both options, a band and a DJ - go for it! If not, make the decision on the basis of the crowd, the expected feel of the evening and your personal preference in music.

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