Introducing: The Wedding Colours Of Spring 2017

BY Carrie Goldberg and Putnam & Putnam / Feb 1 2017 / 18:07 PM

We turned to the runways and it-florist Putnam & Putnam for the most daring colour palettes to consider for Spring weddings

Introducing: The Wedding Colours Of Spring 2017

Curating your wedding's décor, tablescapes and overall aesthetic starts, first and foremost, with colour (or lack there of). But tastemakers and trendsetters are understandably tired with the idea of wedding colour themes–and we're the first to admit they can start to feel gimmicky. In planning her wedding,'s U.S. Editor Joyann King steered clear of a palette altogether. "One thing that I really felt strongly about is I just didn't want a wedding with a colour scheme–just stop it with the colour schemes," she says. "I mean, colour can exist around us, but I don't want to just pick navy and fuchsia and have a navy/fuchsia wedding." That theme-like feeling of a two-dimension colour palette can easily feel dated, and colours that don't naturally co-exist are even more jarring to the eye.

Instead of randomly selecting colours that seem like a good idea at the time but soon start to seem arbitrary, Joyann turned to the design of her newlywed home to dictate what she was gravitating toward design-wise, which helped her to develop a natural colour scheme along the way. Source your wedding day colours from something that speaks to you–be it the design of your home, a print or fabric you love, the latest runway collections–or one of the photos from this story. We turned to go-to florists Putnam & Putnam for their favourite tones and floral stylings of the season, inspired by looks from Gucci to Fendi, Dior to Valentino and more.

Created by Putnam & Putnam; Styling by Andrew Dochen; Photographs by Ricardo Rivera

When in doubt, go back to basics. Altuzarra's fun and flirty showing of stripes, florals and tropical-printed gowns inspired this primary palette of robin's egg blue, fire-engine red and lemon. This classic colour combo pairs perfectly with stark white and craft-toned nudes, so don't be afraid to infuse light neutrals. Distribute these tones in unequal doses–blue is undoubtedly the least polarising of the three, and the lemons in the dress call to the tips and edges of these red blooms. Like this print from Altuzarra, use blue as a base and pepper in accents of the other brights.

Altuzarra Spring 2017 Look 35,

The past few years of warm weather weddings (and far too many basic bridesmaids dresses) have had us understandably skirting the colour blush. However, Pierpaolo Piccoli's debut solo collection for Valentino gave us a newfound love for all shades of soft pink. The embroidery on the back of a leather jacket from his latest collection paired with a printed pleated skirt was all the inspiration we needed for a palette based on his collection designed for the modern gypsy. Putnam paired those organic-feeling blush tones with putty, pistachio, indigo, sky blue, rose and dragonfruit for a colour scheme that would suit a fairy tale romantic and a globe-trotting bohemian.

Valentino Spring 2017 Look 49, price upon request,

Don't let the seasons indicate which colours you can or can't play with. Rich hues like oxblood, paired with ivory, nudes, gold and an unexpected hit of turquoise felt just as spot-on as Maria Grazia Chiuri's debut Dior collection. The first female designer for the famed fashion house sent a series of sheer tulle gowns embellished with celestial and floral motifs in gold, blues and subtle pops of red and silver down the runway, and the palette just felt right. If it's a forward-thinking and super-luxe feel you're after, opt for a deep toned foundation complemented with natural tones and metallics and peppered with unexpected accents.

Christian Dior Spring 2017 Look 59, price upon request,

Bright punches of colour that are equal parts whimsical and vibrant can transport your guests to a place as stylish as the Amalfi Coast–or when used differently, Andy Warhol's factory. Fendi's latest runway was quirky and eclectic, featuring '20s lingerie-style slips, brocade toppers and sock boots along with Harajuku-inspired beauty looks. In short, there was no lack of personality–and you should take notes for your upcoming celebration. Spring and summer are when your guests are in the mood for something fun and festive, so over-deliver with a full-sensory experience. Use strong colours like canary and fluorescent pink paired with pastel pink, blue and shades of beige, but remember to distribute your palette unevenly to keep the look cool, not contrived. The overall look will only be amped up with the use of fragrance–like fruit incorporated into your floral arrangements–and delicate prints in your linens and décor.

Fendi Spring 2017 Look 43, price upon request,

The 17th-century story of a Countess' wardrobe lost at sea en route home to England from the Netherlands inspired Erdem Moralioglu this season, evoking shipwrecked-esque tattered silhouettes with frayed ruffles, and a steely palette that called to grey skies. His constant obsession with a rich sense of undying femininity lead him to patchwork brocades, muted dark laces and washed-out floral prints–like hazy abstracts of blooming branches. A nod to his poetic inspiration lead the Putnams to rolling hills of his fabric blooming with shades of grey, dusty miller and red-orange poppies–and the unexpected colour combo of them ironically felt right for the couple who isn't looking for something overtly ladylike.

Erdem Spring 2017 Look35, price upon request,

This palette is, without question, for the risk-taker and the maximalist. In short, do the most–but with restraint. Complement a completely neutral palette (black, white, nude, greys) with pops of ROYGBIV for a look that's emoji-inducing, light-hearted and doesn't take itself too seriously. This look oddly works best with fashion looks that are sleek and minimal and don't involve lace–which feels romantic, while this feels far more contemporary.

Gucci platform sneakers, $950,

Purple is a hard colour to play with tastefully. Incorporating it requires taking a romantic approach, utilising varying shades of the hue and bringing in other colours that feel completely natural next to it. Pair lilac, lavender or violet with craft-paper tan, putty, ivory sage and indigo. Opt for embroidery, sheer fabrics and floral motifs to complement your color way–but be wary of details that can make this look matronly. When done well, this look will work perfectly for outdoor receptions be it a woodland wedding, a tented reception or a garden party–just like the delicate embroidered floral pattern of the Naeem Khan gown that inspired it.

Naeem Khan Spring 2017 Look 16, price upon request,

Miss Havisham meets a cabinet of curiosities in this palette, backed in black and accented with colours like olive, mustard, raspberry and soft blue. If you're a cosmopolitan who embraces black head-to-toe on the daily, we don't expect you to feel like yourself surrounded by bridal white overnight. Instead, stick with what makes you feel comfortable and opt for dark romance; accent with ivory, and turn to nature to dictate the rest–you'll be surprised at how many tones end up in your day-of décor. In our case, a cocktail dress by Adam Lippes covered in watercolored botanicals and specimens lead to touches of patinaed yellow, rich pink, soft blue and burnt green.

Adam Lippes Spring 2017 printed chiffon dress, $1,350,

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