Say Yes To The Dress: Randy Fenoli Shares His Bridal Shopping Mantras

BY Milli Midwood / May 2 2017 / 21:39 PM

The TV host and bridal stylist knows exactly what women want (on their wedding day)

Say Yes To The Dress: Randy Fenoli Shares His Bridal Shopping Mantras

If there’s anyone who can help a woman find her perfect wedding gown, its Say Yes to the Dress star Randy Fenoli. Bazaar sat down with Kleinfeld Bridal's Fashion Director to find out everything from breaking the bridal rules to finding the dress of your dreams

Harper's Bazaar Arabia: How did you get involved in bridal gowns?

Randy Fenoli: I got into fashion when I was nine-years old and I made a dress for my mother whilst she was at work. When she came home, she found the dress and loved it so much she bought me more patterns the next day to make her more dresses. But my career in bridal kick-started when I was later studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and I entered a bridal design contest and won! For me, a bridal gown is the single most important garment a woman will ever wear, so to be a part of that is an honour and a privilege.

HBA: How can we break the rules when choosing a dress?

RF: A lot of women don’t suit or don’t like traditional plain white dresses, which is a great chance to add some colour. Try a soft ivory of blush-tone dress, and if you’re feeling daring then a pop of colour with your shoes.

HBA: What are the most common mistakes made by brides while choosing their wedding dress?

RF: Number one is definitely budget. The bride needs to be able to walk into the shop and say, “my budget is $1,000”. This will avoid any over-priced gowns being brought out that the bride may fall in love with and not be able to afford. The second mistake brides make is not laying down ground rules with her entourage before coming into the salon. Family members often have their own opinions of what looks nice, which might sway the bride’s decision for the wrong reasons, so she needs to make sure she’s bringing people who are going to be supportive. And lastly, just have an open mind!

HBA: Any bridal faux pas women should avoid?

RF: Take your venue and your attendees into consideration – are you getting married in a place of worship or on a beach? Are your grandparents and in-laws going to be there, or is it just your friends? It’s all about dressing appropriately.

HBA: What is the deciding factor in the bride saying “yes” to the dress?

RF: A bride should always choose the dress that makes her feel the most beautiful. Her shoulders will be pulled back, her smile's going to get wider and she's going to walk with an air of confidence down the aisle. For me, beauty is all about confidence.

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