The Perfect Garden Proposal

BY Samantha Hamilton Rushforth / Mar 13 2017 / 14:54 PM

The Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Japan may be the prettiest place in the world to pop the question

The Perfect Garden Proposal
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These days, the setting - and it's Instagram worth - is just important to a proposal as the ring itself. Despite current trends leaning towards elaborate, over-the-top spectacles a la Kim and Kanye there are still a few visually stunning locations where the surroundings require no extra effort - case in point, The Kawachi Fuji Gardens. 

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Located in Kitakyushu, Japan, the gardens are accessible by a five hour train from Tokyo and bloom in late April to mid May. The tunnel itself is covered by over 150 Wisteria plants and over 20 different species of flower. Used to represent the act of prayer by Buddhists, the Wisteria flower can grow up to 70 feet long and take over 15 years to bloom. 

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Kept private for most of the year the garden is open seasonally to visitors, as well as during the annual "Wisteria Festival," which happens April 27 to 29, and regularly attracts such large crowds that it causes hour-long traffic jams for residents in the surrounding hillside cities. Surrounded by bamboo groves, the two 100 meter long tunnels that take visitors from one side of the park to the other are the main attractions but everywhere you look in the garden - you'll see stunning, colourful blossoms. Proposal or not, it's definitely a destination that needs to be on your bucket list.