Burberry is Funding COVID-19 Vaccine Research

BY Laura Kell / Mar 28 2020 / 17:46 PM

The iconic British fashion house has joined other luxury brands in repurposing its resources to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus

Burberry is Funding COVID-19 Vaccine Research

Burberry has joined the fight in combating the spread of the novel coronavirus by helping to fund research into an emergency vaccine, currently being developed by the University of Oxford.

According to a statement from the British fashion house, the company has announced that the vaccine “is on course to begin human trials next month,” noting that the University has “one of the world’s best track records in emergency vaccine development, with past success in fighting Ebola and MERS.”

Burberry also has plans to supply surgical masks and repurpose its Yorkshire factory to make non-surgical gowns and masks, while also donating to various charities within the UK that tackle issues surrounding food poverty.

“In challenging times, we must pull together. The whole team at Burberry is very proud to be able to support those who are working tirelessly to combat COVID-19, whether by treating patients, working to find a vaccine solution or helping provide food supplies to those in need at this time,” Burberry CEO Marco Gobbetti said.

“COVID-19 has fundamentally changed our everyday lives, but we hope that the support we provide will go some way towards saving more lives, bringing the virus under control and helping our world recover from this devastating pandemic. Together, we will get through this.”

“We are delighted with Burberry's generous support for the University's research into a vaccine for COVID-19,” the University of Oxford’s Head of Medical Sciences, Professor Gavin Screaton, said.

“Burberry's gift is an example of forward-thinking corporate philanthropy that complements and bolsters government and other investment in Oxford’s leading global talent in this field. Donations like this have real and rapid impact, allowing us to be agile in our response, to accelerate this time-critical research.”

Burberry joins a long list of fashion brands committed to doing whatever it takes to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. From Prada producing medical masks for Tuscan hospitals to Dior Perfumeries manufacturing hand sanitizer, the fight against COVID-19 is industry wide.

Image courtesy of Jason Lloyd Evans.