Kim Kardashian West Is Freezing Her Instagram and Facebook Accounts

BY Laura Kell / Sep 15 2020 / 23:30 PM

The reality star turned entrepreneur announced she will be taking time away from the social media platforms for a very specific cause, starting September 16

Kim Kardashian West Is Freezing Her Instagram and Facebook Accounts

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any crazier, the universe has thrown us yet another plot twist: Kim Kardashian West is throwing in the towel when it comes to Facebook and Instagram – at least for 24 hours.

The social media super star and reality tv sensation -- who boasts a cool 188 million followers on Instagram -- has announced she will be taking a break from Facebook and (Facebook-owned) Instagram by “freezing” her accounts. Kim explained why she was taking such drastic measures in a series of tweets she shared with her followers on Tuesday.

“I love that I can connect directly with you through Instagram and Facebook, but I can’t sit by and stay silent while these platforms continue to allow the spreading of hate, propaganda and misinformation - created by groups to sow division and split America apart – only to take steps after people are killed,” she writes.

“Misinformation shared on social media has a serious impact on our elections and undermines our democracy.  Please join me tomorrow when I will be “freezing” my Instagram and FB account to tell Facebook to #StopHateForProfit.”

Kim shared a link to Stop Hate For Profit’s website within the bio on Twitter.

According to Stop Hate for Profit’s website, the cause is an ongoing campaign to hold social media companies accountable for hate on their platforms. “Social media must prioritize people over profit, and they must do it now,” a statement reads on the website. The campaign appears to be encouraging social media users to partake in a 24-hour Instagram “Freeze” on September 16 “in which everyone involved will refrain from posting on Instagram for that day.”

Kim isn't the first celebrity to join in on the cause. According to CNN, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Orlando Bloom, Kerry Washington and Sacha Baron Cohen are also freezing their social media accounts in protest against social network giant Facebook on Wednesday.

Has Kim Kardashian West Quit Social Media?

While Kim has made it clear she is “freezing” her account, it is highly doubtful she is shutting down her Instagram and Facebook pages for good – it appears she is simply joining in on the campaign and shedding light on a cause she believes in. 

Will she extend past the 24 hour mark? Only time will tell... 

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