Pods Of Paradise At Sisters Beauty Salon

Sisters Beauty Lounge, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beauty, Salon, UAE
The region's beloved beauty salon welcomes an impressive new way to pamper yourself

Most UAE-based grooming aficionados are already well-acquainted with the expertise on hand at Sisters Beauty Lounge, a chain familiar to locals and ex-patriots alike to be pioneers in providing a comprehensive menu of excellently delivered beauty treatments, from indulgent time out sessions to basic maintenance. Let's just say they stand out in a sea of competitors. 

This season, Sisters has relocated its flagship store to a huge new spot (almost 4,500 square feet); essentially a bigger and better venue within The Dubai Mall, inclusive of state-of-the-art Takara Belmont chairs, placed in secluded pods. Each offers a totally uninterrupted and relaxing beautifying session, plus the introduction of customised Japanese relaxation chairs stationed inside each private nail treatment pod. What's not to love about secluded cocoons designed to allow guests to enjoy multiple treatments at once in total privacy, whilst watching television or listening to music? Press pause on your mall trawl and head there soon.  

Sisters Beauty Lounge currently has six branches across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Sisters Beauty Lounge, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beauty, Salon, UAE