In Review: Thai Square Spa In London

BY Via Harper’s Bazaar UK / Oct 20 2015 / 23:02 PM

An authentic Thai day spa in the heart of beautyful Covent Garden in London

In Review: Thai Square Spa In London
The Thai Square Spa in London's Covent Garden

The Spa
One of the newer additions to the London day spa scene, Thai Square Spa is actually owned by the Thai Square restaurant group. This may sound like a strange premise but it works, largely because the staff and management all hail from a beautiful Southeast Asian island and have years of experience in their craft.

The spa itself is a warm oasis (especially on a rainy London evening) of red and gold. A small but welcoming reception, with a partioned manicure and pedicure area, leads to a large underground space split into seven good sized treatment rooms and a cosy relaxing area with day beds on which to unwind with your choice of complimentary fruit teas.
The Treatment
Bazaar opted for one of the spa’s newest treatments: the Golden Maharani Gold Leaf Facial. An ancient Thai ritual traditionally used by the royal party before important wedding ceremonies, it is a truly blissful hour and a half that will leave you feeling completely revitalised.

The treatment began with a quick foot soak before a skilled therapist performed a thorough facial cleanse (and we mean thorough – even using a damp paintbrush to make sure every speck of mascara was removed). The face and neck are then exfoliated and moisturised numerous times with Thai Square’s own relaxing jasmine-based products.
The skin is prepared for the mask using warm herbal compresses before a (surprisingly chilly) mask made from 24-carat pure gold collagen is applied. While the skin soaks up its goodness, a thoroughly stress-relieving arm and scalp massage is performed, before the treatment is finished with gentle Thai stretches.
The Verdict
Expect to leave relaxed, rejuvenated and, most importantly, with skin feeling incredibly soft and had a subtle yet lasting glow. Bazaar was advised not to wear any make-up for 24 hours after the treatment, so leave plenty of time if you’re planning it before a big event.

Via Harper's Bazaar UK