5 Travel Essentials You Absolutely Need When Flying During A Pandemic

BY Katinka Haugnaess / Aug 31 2020 / 23:00 PM

Travelling during 2020 has its own unique set of challenges, don’t let your packing anxiety get the best of you

5 Travel Essentials You Absolutely Need When Flying During A Pandemic

Preparing for a flight during these times may feel even more stressful than it once was. What do travel essentials look like during a pandemic? And how can you prepare for your next flight? Below we have selected some tips for what to pack during this new travel landscape.

The Essentials

Bring your non negotiables -- these include: alcohol based hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol, face coverings, any prescription medication and extra food and water. We might be getting used to carrying these around with us as our new best friends, it’s no different when boarding your next flight.

Pro tip: Have more than one face mask with you. You’ll feel refreshed when you make the switch as soon as you land. Also look into bringing different types (e.g. one that ties around your head instead of behind your ear). You’ll avoid any discomfort after a long day of travel.

A Cloth Tote Bag

A tip used by healthcare professionals is to utilize foldable cloth tote bags that you can toss into the washing machine as soon as you arrive. This way you don’t have to stress out about how to ensure your carry-on gets cleaned once you arrive at your destination.

Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Food and drink services could be quite limited on your journey. It’s recommended you bring your own snacks and water as a precaution. This could even be the time to invest in a self cleaning water bottle like the one from LARQ.

Compression Socks (but make them chic)

If you usually like to walk around a plane during a long flight, compression socks are a great new alternative. It’s always recommended to keep your legs moving on a flight but nowadays it's best to avoid contact with others as much as possible. These cozy socks could be the option you’re looking for when buckled into your seat.

Travel Pillow or Pillow Case

Getting some rest during your flight is more important than ever. Sleep will play a crucial role in refreshing your immune system so try to relax any way you can. It might be helpful to bring your own pillow case if the airline provides their own pillows on board. That way you can have peace of mind when resting your head. (Easy to clean, you can throw it in the washer upon arrival.)

Overall, remembering to avoid touching everything can be exhausting but with a bit of planning hopefully these tips and essentials will allow for a safe and stress free journey on your next travel adventure whenever that may be.

Lead Image Courtsey of Unsplash / stilclassics

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