Dubai Announces New Rules For Wearing Face Masks In Public

BY Aisha Rauf / Jun 1 2020 / 11:30 AM

The guidelines include information on the exempted categories as well as when the temporary removal of face masks is permitted

Dubai Announces New Rules For Wearing Face Masks In Public

The Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai has announced a new set of guidelines on the use of face masks in public areas. The new rules are in line with the recommendations of Dubai's COVID-19 Command and Control Centre, and follow a number of best practices that have been adopted by other nations throughout the world.  

According to Arabian Business, the Committee has outlined the exceptional situations of different categories of people who are exempt from wearing a mask including people of determination, those with chronic respiratory conditions and children.

All residents must wear masks outside their homes at all times. However, exemptions include...

• Children under the age of six

• Individuals who require supplemental oxygen or have severe respiratory conditions; who are unable to breathe safely or have difficulty breathing with a mask (should be confirmed by a medical report)

• People of determination with cognitive, intellectual or sensory disorders or other impairments that hinder their ability to breathe or communicate and those whom masks can lead to sensory triggering (should also be confirmed by a medical report)

In addition, The Committee has outlined conditions where face masks can be temporarily removed in public:

• When driving the car alone or with members of the same household

• While eating or drinking outdoors or indoors, such as in a restaurant. Physical distancing must be kept at all times

• While engaging in strenuous indoor or outdoor exercise or high intensity workouts, as a mask may exacerbate known or   unknown health conditions. Physical distancing must be observed at all times

• When alone with no people around such as a private office

• When the risks of wearing a face mask are higher than the benefits, for example while skydiving or swimming

• When removal of masks is necessary for example, while undergoing dental work, eye, nose or throat examination and hair and beauty treatments.

The committee stressed the importance of exempted groups to be monitored by parents or guardians to assure a minimum physical distance of two metres is kept at all times. The exemptions will protect the community as a whole while removing risks faced by some segments wearing the masks.

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