Calling All Banksy Devotees In Riyadh: You Won't Want To Miss This

BY Lara Bazzoui / Feb 26 2020 / 19:28 PM

“The Art of Banksy ‘Without Limits’” exhibition is now open in Saudi Arabia and we couldn’t be more thrilled

 Calling All Banksy Devotees In Riyadh: You Won't Want To Miss This

The acclaimed and anonymous artist Banksy is known for sprinkling politically charged pieces and opinionated messages across the globe by pin-pointing different countries and places to ‘vandalize’ with art. Despite the fact that many of his controversial pieces are immobile, those infatuated by his work may not have to do a world tour to see them. If you are captivated with Banksy’s creations and happen to be in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - you are in utter luck.

The Art of Banksy ‘Without Limits' exhibition is currently open at the King Abdullah Financial Centre in Riyadh. The exhibition began on February 21 and will be on until the April 20 so fear not, you still have plenty of time to plan a visit and immerse yourself in over seventy pieces of his epic artwork.

The street-based artist is an advocate for creating a conversation whether that be politically, socially or economically, he says “There’s nothing more dangerous than someone who wants to make the world a better place.” This exhibition will not only start many discussions but it will challenge your brain and feed both artistic and intellectual hunger.

Tickets are available here

Images: Instagram/Banksy