How The Connor Brothers Are Using Their Art To Fight COVID-19

BY Athwifa Saleem / Jul 4 2020 / 14:00 PM

British artists James Golding and Mike Snelle, popularly known under the pseudonym The Connor Brothers, have created 21 English and Arabic artworks for the Middle East, with 20 per cent of the profits being donated to the Community Solidarity Fund

How The Connor Brothers Are Using Their Art To Fight COVID-19
Courtesy of the artists
The Connor Brothers. Why Fit In. 2020. 166x106 cm.

After selling 300 artworks in just 30 minutes as part of a UK fundraiser for the NHS and giving away 500 prints in less than an hour to frontline workers, The Connor Brothers, in association with the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department, have set up the Community Solidarity Fund in response to a growing societal concern to contribute to the fight against COVID-19, aiming to relieve the economic, social and health challenges posed by the pandemic.

“After our exhibition that was due to take place last month during Art Dubai got put on hold, and after the huge success that we’ve had in the UK with our involvement in the Art for Heroes campaign, it felt right to continue with our Middle Eastern exhibition plans and create special pieces to sell in the region,” says James Golding, one half of The Connor Brothers duo. “We hope to raise as much money as possible to help the region’s fight against COVID-19 with these pieces which will also mark the first time we’ve created works in Arabic.”

The Connor Brothers. Just Because. 2020. 75x50cm. 

Widely known for their signature style of poignant quotes painted over images of pop culture icons, The Connor Brothers’ online exhibition, launched April 28, 2020 features 21 commissionable artworks created on canvas and paper exclusively made for the Middle East, in both the English and Arabic languages.

Noting inspiration from popular, historic and cultural images, the talented artists’ signature style involves glorifying the artwork with thought-provoking and witty slogans such as "I Don’t Care What Anybody Says About Me As Long As It Isn’t True" and "I Never Let The Truth Get In The Way Of A Good Story."

The Connor Brothers. I Never Let. 2020. 120 X 75cm

“Great art lifts one’s spirits and that is exactly what we need more of right now,” expresses CEO of Proscenium Arts and organiser of the online exhibition, Jasper Hope. “It is hard to look at artwork by The Connor Brothers and not smile so we’re delighted to be able to bring this limited selection of 21 pieces of their work to the Middle East.

Having raised over Dhs337,484 (£75,000) for the NHS in the UK already and with demand far exceeding the limited supply, we are confident that The Connor Brother’s artwork will attract discerning buyers in the region as well as raise a substantial amount of money for the Community Solidarity Fund against COVID-19.” 

The Connor Brothers. What Matters. 2020. 75x50cm.

Images courtesy of the artists

The ongoing virtual exhibition can be viewed at

From the Summer 2020 issue of Harper's BAZAAR Art