How Artist Zaahirah Muthy Is Offering Hope Amidst The Pandemic

BY Reefaya Noortaj / Aug 19 2020 / 16:13 PM

Artist and activist Zaahirah Muthy shares positivity with her vibrant artworks during these pressing times. Her aim is to spread hope, joy and encouragement for anyone who feels under the blue

How Artist Zaahirah Muthy Is Offering Hope Amidst The Pandemic

With several awards under her name, such as the ‘Leonardo Da Vinci Universal Award’ in Italy to the Femina – Women International Leadership Awards (Artist Category) in India, Zaahirah Muthy continues to trailblaze with her unique sense of artistry. Zaahirah is an artist, activist, curator and founder of ZeeArts. 

Her solo exhibition The Glimmer of Hope is presented as her sixth solo show that stands as a pillar of hopefulness for the creative community, hosted by Alliance Française. Her use of vibrant colour palettes and patterns highlights the elements of hope, happiness and healing.

As our world remains stifled with the current pandemic, Zaahirah revitalised her artistic passion during Dubai’s lockdown through a creation of 40 art pieces documenting the vacillation of her emotions, contemplation and mental state.  Each work resembles a child-like adaption that explores a greater depth of conceptual development. She quotes, “we were all children once, and we still are now whenever we experience the fear of making mistakes.” 

Additionally, Zaahirah campaigns for positive changes conveying inducing messages through her art initiatives and artworks of assorted mediums. As the director of ‘Art Connects Women’ and the leader behind two editions of the Women Artists Around the World, Art Book- Zaahirah has nurtured a major platform which acts as a benefit for female artists in this generation.

She has organised over 35 exhibitions including World Art Dubai, Tatinis Art Fair in Singapore and Carrousel du Louvre in Paris just to name a few. As a mixed-media artist, she has made it possible to mould her art discipline to painting and sculpting, regularly drawing inspiration from ideas of spirituality and positivity.

Zaahirah’s exhibition The Glimmer of Hope is on view from 13 to 22 August, 2020 at Oud Metha Dubai. L’Alliance Française, Dubai is preparing all necessary measures to maintain social distancing and the show will be available online as well.

Images courtesy of the artist