The Arts Center at NYUAD Launches Multisensory Virtual Show

BY Katinka Haugnaess / Sep 15 2020 / 09:00 AM

Tania El Khoury and Basel Zaraa’s virtual show ‘As Far As Isolation Goes’ has created an interactive online experience using touch and sound to explore the impact of isolation on mental health and the challenges faced by refugees

The Arts Center at NYUAD Launches Multisensory Virtual Show

Launched on September 9 the unique, immersive show ‘As Far As Isolation Goes’ is performed via Zoom for a single audience member at a time.

The show will run until October with time slots available from 16:00-18:00 and 19:30-21:30.  To accompany the experience, on October 6 Tania El Khoury will host a workshop detailing her process of creating live art in the context of social distancing.

Through a dynamic journey of touch, sound and audience interactivity 'As Far As Isolation Goes' is an intimate one-to-one experience that encourages audiences to engage with the inhumanities faced by refugees in detention centres and their experiences with a mental health system that disregards their political and emotional contexts. 

The performance explores the imprint these surroundings leave on refugees, as audiences physically display their emotions by drawing on themselves.

Based on El Khoury and Zaraa’s first collaboration entitled 'As Far As My Fingertips Take Me’, Zaraa was commissioned by El Khoury to create a rap song inspired by the journey his sisters made to Sweden. This new work has now been reimagined as an online experience.

“When we made a commitment to reinventing ourselves as a new kind of online performing arts center for this fall, we knew we needed to reach out to Tania el Khoury," says Executive Artistic Director of The Arts Center, Bill Bragin. "Through our time together during her previous Gardens Speak residency, we knew of her commitment to reimagining the form of performance with each work. In isolation, she builds on a body of work that explores what she describes as 'listening as a radical act, sensing, embodying.'”

“The Arts Center is similarly committed this fall to exploring how new forms of performance can be meaningful, not as a substitute for in-person events, but uniquely moving and thought-provoking experiences in-and-of themselves.”

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