The Latest Thing Kylie Jenner Has Trademarked? Her Hair

BY Krishna Sunilkumar / Feb 25 2020 / 16:19 PM

It looks like a Kylie Hair collection is on the horizon

The Latest Thing Kylie Jenner Has Trademarked? Her Hair

What's in a name?

After becoming the youngest self-made billionaire in the world, it seems likely that Kylie Jenner will soon break the record for owning the most individual trademarks. In a move that has created no end of anticipatory buzz from fans and media alike, the 22-year-old beauty entrepreneur has trademarked her hair – or ‘Kylie Hair’, to be specific.

Kylie’s extended family are no strangers to setting records either. According to Forbes, the Kardashian family owns over 700 trademarks altogether. Kylie herself has attempted to trademark over 130 brands, including but not limited to the phrase "rise and shine."

Following the overwhelming success of her skincare line, the news is taken to be a hopeful sign that the former BAZAAR cover star will soon be launching her own line of hair products. What exactly will this entail? Though nothing has been officially announced, Kylie is known for making sudden and dramatic changes to her hair, so perhaps we can look forward to bold hair dyes and glamorous extensions. Speculation has been fuelled further after Kylie flaunted new golden-brown locks on Instagram.

Even more intriguing is the fact that Kylie has reportedly filed to trademark ‘Kylie Body’, so the day when her beauty empire takes over the world might not be too far off.

Lead image courtesy of Instagram/KylieJenner.