#ChicEats | Seaside Omakase Brunch, Sea Fu at Four Seasons Dubai

BY Stephanie Carmona Fagundes / Mar 7 2020 / 10:00 AM

Feel the sea breeze with a prime view while enjoying Four Seasons’ most relaxing brunch ever

#ChicEats | Seaside Omakase Brunch, Sea Fu at Four Seasons Dubai

The sound of the waves hitting the shore, birds singing happily all around, a lush green environment and relaxing music creating the stress-free ambience. Omakase Brunch is one of the most serene spots in Dubai at the moment to have a delightfully laid-back afternoon.

You'll feel the calm wash over you the moment you step foot into the restaurant’s wooden deck terrace.

With an authentic Asian-inspired menu this chic and modern restaurant is the place to be on a Saturday afternoon for a mellow day at the beach before starting up the busy week again.

The artsy sushi platters, extremely delicious Asian dishes and Japanese sweet treats were to die for. A joi de vivre menu worth enjoying under the sun of Dubai’s amazing winter weather.

The brunch began with a refreshing plate of sushi, a tasteful okonomiyaki Japanese omelette and a flavourful amberjack tataki.

To continue, a selection of various main courses are delivered to your table to share, where you can find both fish and meat. Definitely, the top main course for BAZAAR was the sweet and spicy black cod in a flavourful coconut red Thai sauce.

Once the main course ends, it’s time to sweeten up with a selection of delicacies for dessert, where their mango mochi definitely gets the prize for its amazing flavour.

This laid-back brunch is the perfect spot for everyone looking for a relaxing day out enjoying refreshing drinks, delicious food and jazzy live tunes.

For more information a reservation visit www.fourseasons.com or call (04) 270 7802

Images courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Dubai Jumeirah Beach